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New daily resident check-in program launches

April 6, 2020

Okotoks Community Wellness is launching a daily check-in program to support the community during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. 
Residents can sign up to receive a daily call, email or a text from one of the Town’s existing volunteers, who have been screened and undergone a police security check. 

"This program is meant to be a daily social check-in program with a caring volunteer,” said Okotoks Community Wellness Manager, Debbie Posey. “If residents are feeling like they’d like to hear a friendly voice for a quick, casual chat on how their day is going, then this is a great option.”

This program is meant to provide residents of all ages with social interaction that helps check that basic needs are being met. This is a check-in program and does not replace other mental health therapies and supports. 

Anyone who is interested can sign up online at or by contacting the Volunteer Resource Centre at 403.938.8936. These five to 10 minute conversations can be requested in a time frame that works best for residents—morning, afternoon or evening.

“Supporting our community and taking a people-centered approach is a major priority during these challenging times, and we are pleased to be able to offer this additional important service,” said Posey.

For more information:
Debbie Posey
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