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National Public Works Week

May 15, 2020

Monday - Waste Services

  • Join us on Monday to learn about waste collection and safety in the community.  

Tuesday - Transportation Services

  • Join us on Tuesday for information on our street cleaning and road maintenance activities in Town.  You can also check out our ‘Name the Sweeper Contest’ – how about Meryle Sweep, Dustin Trudeau, George W Brush, Sweep Caroline?  Have some fun and send us in your names…your local radio station (Eagle 100.9) will announce the winner on Friday! 
  • Street Sweeper Naming Contest – National Public Works Week (NPWW)

    The Town of Okotoks is having a fun contest to name the Street Sweeper! This is all in fun for NPWW and in conjunction with the Eagle 100.9.  

    It all started with radio personality Logan Coutts, who originally sent out a letter to the Town of Okotoks Publics Works department. 

    The Town Transportation team has a robust street sweeping program to prevent debris from entering stormwater systems and to ensure roadways are clear of debris. The Town sweeps streets throughout the year and crews are currently concentrating on the Priority 1 and 2 routes.  Last year, the Town street sweepers swept approximately 130 KMS of roadway and picked up nearly 100 tandem dump truck loads of debris.

    Street sweepers in Okotoks do an important job to keep our waterways clean, so rightfully so they deserve a name!   How about Meryle Sweep, Dustin Trudeau, George W Brush, Sweep Caroline?  Now you guys have some fun and send us in your names! 

    How to Enter the Name the Sweeper Contest:

    • Submit your answer to our social media Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages @TownofOkotoks with the hashtag #NPWWOkotoks and the Eagle 100.9 will announce the winner on Friday. Good luck!
    • Contest runs until Thursday, May 21 at 11:59 p.m.
    • The Town transportation crew and the Eagle 100.9 will select the winner so be creative and fun!
    • All entries become the property of the Town of Okotoks

Wednesday - Water Services

  • Join us Wednesday for information on Town & Wastewater Services. 

Thursday - Parks Services

  •  Join us Thursday for some information regarding our pathways and parks.  We also want to take a moment to thank you for keeping our parks and pathways clean! Your pride in our community helps us, the Parks team, do our jobs to make sure Okotoks stays beautiful and safe! 

Friday - Facilities Maintenance 

  • Friday is the wrap up to our Public Works week so listen to the Eagle 100.9 to see who won the ‘Name the Sweeper’ contest!  Also today we will be learning about the Town Facilities Maintenance team and what they do at the Town.

Name the Sweeper Winners Announced!

The Name the Street Sweeper results are in and what a great way to wrap up National Public Works Week (NPWW). Thanks to Logan and The Eagle 100.9 for bringing this to light!

Click here to see the results  

Town Council is proud to proclaim May 17-23 as 2020 National Public Works Week. This year’s theme is “The Rhythm of Public Works” which challenges residents and businesses to think about their community as a symphony of essential services, working in concert to create a great place to live. Every community has a rhythm, a heartbeat that reflects its essence and tempo of life.

“Join us for a fun week of online learning activities to see what these essential workers do for the community,” said Peter McDowell, Okotoks transportation supervisor. “Each day we will be educating the public on a different operations business centre, so check out the daily activities by visiting and our social media channels.”

There will also be a ‘Name the Sweeper Contest’ in conjunction with the Eagle 100.9 local radio station that will announce the winner on Friday, May 22. Some ideas that have been brought forward are Meryl Sweep, Dustin Trudeau, George W Brush, and Sweep Caroline. Residents will be able to enter their own submissions by posting them on Town social media channels with the hashtag #NPWWOkotoks. 

Town transportation services, facilities maintenance, parks services, water services and waste services could not be provided without the dedicated efforts of public works professionals. They are responsible for Town roadways, parks, pathways, water supply, water treatment, solid waste systems, public buildings, and other structures and facilities essential for the Town.  

Profiling public works employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, is timely as the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) recently recognized public works professionals as key players in emergency response and has recognized them as emergency responders provincially and nationally. They are essential workers keeping the Town’s infrastructure going during emergencies.

Now more than ever, it is critical to energize and educate the importance of public works and what they do to improve the quality of life in Okotoks.