Home Schooling Fire Safety 

September 11, 2020

With some children in Okotoks continuing their education at home, it is important for your kids to be as safe in the home as they are in school. Realistically, a fire is significantly more likely to occur in the home rather than at a school. There has not been a fire fatality in a school in Canada in over 70 years, however it is a sad fact than a number of children die in fires in their homes every year. Schools are very fire-safe facilities. Is your home as safe?

Schools are safer because kids and staff are trained how to respond when a fire occurs and schools are diligent in preventing fires from occurring in the first place. Schools have mandated procedures (drills) to follow that are practiced regularly and safety systems (alarms) that are checked frequently. Schools are inspected to ensure safety and kids are trained how to respond when a fire occurs. 

How can you make your home as fire-safe as school?

  • Educate you children in home fire safety.
  • Make a fire escape plan and practice it.
  • Check your smoke and CO detectors monthly.
  • Scrutinize your home, make it as fire-safe as possible.

Fill out this home inspection checklist  to ensure your safety at home. 

Contact the fire station at 403-938-4066 or email okotoksfire@okotoks.ca with questions.