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Council approves Affordable Housing Strategy

October 15, 2020

Okotoks Town Council approved an Affordable Housing Strategy in principle during the regular meeting October 13.

The strategy is focused on increasing the diversity of housing in Okotoks to meet the needs of all residents at all ages and stages of their lives.

“This is an important step in creating an inclusive and livable community,” said Mayor Bill Robertson. “In many public participation activities, residents indicated that affordable housing is a priority and we are very pleased with the work that the Affordable Housing Task Force has done to create a vision for how we can increase housing options.”

Council established the Affordable Housing Task Force in 2018 with a mandate to research the current housing situation in Okotoks, identify the various tools available for the Town to take action on increasing affordable housing, and create a plan with recommendations that reflect best practices to achieve this.

“Providing adequate affordable housing is a challenge for municipalities across Canada and this strategy positions Okotoks to be able to make housing attainable for any and all those wanting to live in the community,” said Taskforce Chair Charles Boechler.

The strategy includes five focus areas – ensuring that there is accurate data about the current housing situation in Okotoks, providing resources to implement the strategy, creating conditions that will support construction of affordable housing, developing partnerships with key stakeholders and housing providers, and executing and monitoring the strategy to ensure that the implementation is successful.

Administration will now begin to create the action plan for implementing the recommendations in the strategy and will bring it to Council for approval by January 31, 2021.


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