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Changes to waste collection day for many households coming in January 2019

September 11, 2018

Beginning January 8, 2019, the Town of Okotoks will be revising the waste collection schedule so garbage, organics and recycling will be collected Tuesday through Friday. Approximately 55% of Okotoks’ households will experience a change to their collection day with the new schedule.

These changes will be the first in over 10 years. This new schedule will increase efficiency in pick-up routes to better accommodate the population growth Okotoks has experienced in this time and prepare the town for future growth.

Monday collection days will be eliminated and Okotoks will be divided into logical neighbourhood collection zones, which will be consistent across waste, parks and transportation services.

“While changing to a new collection schedule can be bit of an adjustment at first, many residents will actually notice fewer collection date changes overall – 63 per cent to be exact,” said Paul Lyons, Waste Services Manager. “This is due to the many stat holidays that typically fall on Mondays.”

How can residents help prepare themselves for the change?

  1. Residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with their new collection zone and the name of the area (neighbourhood) they live in. They can learn whether their pick-up day will be changing in January by using the address look-up on the Town’s online collection schedule.
  2. Residents are encouraged to sign up for collection day reminders through the Town’s online waste tool, which will help them transition to the new schedule by reminding them of their collection days.
  3. Everyone who signs up for waste collection reminders or downloads the mobile waste app will be entered in a contest to win a tablet, starting in November.
  4. A printable map with neighbourhoods, zones and collection days is also available on the 2019 waste collection schedule page.


“Changes are a continual part of waste improvements, and Okotoks is one of many municipalities across Canada working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and impacts on our landfills,” said Lyons. “We recognize that some of these changes can be difficult and we will continue to work with residents to address concerns and help them transition through these changes.”

The new collection schedule has been reconfigured to make routes more synchronized and efficient, decreasing the number of garbage, organics and recycling trucks in residential areas. No carts on residential streets on Mondays will also allow better coordination of street sweeping and snow clearing in residential neighbourhoods. Ultimately, this means less greenhouse gas emissions and less impact on town streets from heavy truck traffic.

Residents can learn more by visiting www.okotoks.ca/2019wasteschedule or contacting Waste Services at 403.938.8054.

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