Census results indicate stability in town's population

June 26, 2018

The Town of Okotoks has released the 2018 census results, which indicate the town’s population has remained stable at 29,002 with an increase of 121 residents since the 2016 federal census.

“This reflects the Town’s priority to ensure we grow in a sustainable way,” said CAO Elaine Vincent. “While we have moved to a continuous growth model and annexed land, we are taking a thoughtful approach to development, ensuring that our resources continue to meet the needs of current and future residents.”

The Town has a Water Allocation Policy that requires developers to transfer a water license to the Town, with the capacity to support the increased population, before any new development is approved.

New neighbourhoods are currently being constructed in the D’Arcy and Wedderburn areas, which will allow the Town to continue to experience growth, while maintaining service levels.

“Other annexed lands will remain undeveloped until infrastructure capacity is in place to meet the increased population,” said Vincent.

Residents were very diligent in completing the census, with almost 100 percent participation; 50 percent of residents completed it online.  

“Accurate census numbers make it possible to maximize the amount of grant funding we can apply for,” said Catherine Duplessis, Legislative Services manager. “We want to thank all residents who participated in the census for their cooperation and support.”