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Assessments can save money on utility bills

July 17, 2019

Okotoks has launched two new, free assessment programs to help residents and businesses better understand energy and water use in their homes, businesses and yards. The assessments provide information and tools to help save water and energy that can also result in savings on utility bills.

“We hope these assessments alert residents to some of the water and energy wasters that aren’t typically top-of-mind,” said Jinny Toffelmire, Environment and Sustainability Specialist. “As well as helping residents decrease their utility bills, it can also lead to small individual changes and more efficient energy and water consumption habits.”

During the lawn and yard assessment, a conservation educator will conduct a simple watering test to help residents understand exactly how much water their lawns need, then help program irrigation systems to match those needs, while adhering to the watering schedule. Bookings are open to residential and commercial utility customers.

During the energy assessment, residents and businesses will have the opportunity to learn about and identify common energy wasters inside the home. Conservation educators will measure fridge and freezer temperatures, check thermostat settings, faucet flow rates, water leaks, hot water temperatures, and use an electricity monitor to identify phantom power users.

Residents and businesses who have participated in the program have experienced some surprising results.

“Participants have been surprised about how costly certain appliances and electronics can be when they are plugged in 24/7,” said Cassidy Stillie, Okotoks Conservation Educator. “The thermal imagery camera has also been a great tool to show where buildings and homes are losing energy due to lack of insulation or improperly sealed doors and windows.”

Residents and businesses can easily book an energy or water assessment online or by calling the Conservation Educators at 403-995-2798.

The lawn and yard assessment program is available until the end of August and the energy assessment program runs until the end of the year.

The home energy assessment program is funded through a grant from Energy Efficiency Alberta.

Full information on both the home energy and lawn and yard assessment programs can be found: Here