Environmental Master Plan

What can we do to protect and enhance our environment today, and for future generations?

This question is at the heart of the Town of Okotoks’ efforts to create an Environmental Master Plan.
Your ideas will help us focus the Plan on the most important actions to help protect and enhance Okotoks’ built and natural environment.

 In 2014, the Town of Okotoks heard what citizens wanted their future community to look like. The resulting vision called for us to continue our  leadership as a sustainable community. This Environmental Master Plan is a chance to turn this vision into a reality! 

The Environmental Master Plan will be a long-term community plan that identifies, prioritizes and sets specific goals and targets for key environmental initiatives for the Town and the community. It will encompass all aspects of the environment, from developing new land, to sustainable practices for energy, water, waste, emissions, urban forests, construction, and transportation networks – anything that impacts the natural world. 
Please join us Saturday, November 25th for an exciting public engagement event.

Register today!

Upcoming opportunities include an online survey in January 2018, and look for us at events around the community throughout 
the winter!
For any questions about the Environmental Master Plan, please contact Dawn Smith, the Town’s Environment & Sustainability Coordinator - email