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Water Efficiency & Conservation

Comprehensive management of a municipality’s water supply is fundamental to the sustainability and resiliency of a community.  While the implementation of the regional water pipeline provides the Town of Okotoks with a secure long term supplementary potable water supply, it is essential that Okotoks continues to manage all of its water sources in an environmentally, ethically and fiscally responsible way.

Water conservation and efficiency planning refers to the identification, implementation, and evaluation of actions intended to manage water demand, reduce consumption and improve the efficiency of water use. This plan contains a series of tools and strategies to help ensure the effective and efficient collection, treatment, distribution and sustainable end-use (productivity) of the Town’s potable water supply.

Through partnerships and collaborations with the Provincial Government, surrounding municipalities and the local development and building industry, the Town of Okotoks is committed to pursuing the most innovative water conservation and efficiency tools, practices and programs available. Through the successful implementation and ongoing evaluation of the Water CEP Plan, it is envisioned that Okotoks can continue to grow and prosper, while maintaining ecological balance with the local environment and regional water resources.

The Town of Okotoks is a leader in sustainable water management, achieving one of the lowest per capita gross water consumption rates in North America. By way of the tools defined within the CEP Plan, the Town of Okotoks aims to continue to be a leader in this realm, with a 2014 goal to maintain community water consumption at less than 285 litres per capita per day (lpcd) and achieve a target of 275 lpcd or less by 2017.

The Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity (CEP) Plan