The Town of Okotoks is taking the proactive measure of closing all indoor town facilities to the public from April 29 to May 14 inclusive.…

Green Ambassadors

Are you someone who enjoys helping out in the local community and connecting with fellow residents?  Become an Green Ambassador!  The Green Ambassador volunteer position is a fantastic way for proactive citizens to engage with fellow members of the community through action and education. 


  • Help event attendees sort waste into the appropriate waste station bin (i.e. blue recycling bin, green organics bin, and black landfill bin)
  • Educate event attendees on proper waste disposal and strategies
  • Help with kid crafts at busy Town events
  • Help Conservation Educators with set up and take down at Green Living events or Town events.

*These are dependent on the type of event. Orientation and Training will be provided prior to each event (safety, sorting, common questions/concerns, etc.)

Skills & Qualifications

  • Basic knowledge and understanding of recyclable and compostable items
  • Able to properly sort waste into bins to avoid contamination and keep organics and recyclables out of the landfill
  • Strong people skills
  • Ability to maintain a friendly demeanor as attendees approach event waste stations


  • Have a positive impact on the Town of Okotoks' local community and environment
  • Gain valuable experience interacting with the general public, working in the environmental sector, and working at large events
  • Learn about recycling and organic waste diversion strategies that are occurring in and around Okotoks

Risks Associated

  • Contact with harmful waste

Dress Code at Events

  • Weather appropriate clothing and supplies:
    • Rain = jacket, boots, umbrella, etc.
    • Sunny/Hot = water bottle (fill up stations provided at events), sunscreen (some will be provided), hat, sunglasses, etc.
    • Comfortable shoes/footwear for all weather types
  • Additional necessary attire and supplies provided. 


If you are interested in this volunteer position, or if you require more information, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 403-938-8936 or by email.