Gerry Ruecker: Ergon..Parergon Exhibit


This exhibit features a body of mixed media constructions utilizing materials commonly considered junk, presenting them in a new context. Discarded and cast-off objects, such as fragments of old furniture and building materials, rusted pieces of metal, and various other disused and disposed of items are prominent, highlighting a generally unappreciated, well-worn sense of beauty. These crude, rough objects are blended within a mash-up of cheap, highly decorative baroque-influenced picture frames, and other related materials. The resulting works embrace layers of harmony and contradiction, and function as a caricature of, but also an homage to a centuries-old style still viewed as ‘classy’.


Exhibit type
Visual Arts
Small Gallery
Event type
Art Gallery, Town of Okotoks
Okotoks Art Gallery
Last Updated: September 20, 2023