Retail Cannabis Sales

The Town of Okotoks is awaiting further direction from the Province at this time with the goal of having regulations for retail cannabis sales in place on or before July 1, 2018. The Town encourages compliance with plans, policies, and legislation from all levels of government.

At this time, the retail sale of cannabis is not legal in Canada. Non-medical production, sale and use of cannabis is illegal and is not licensed or permitted by the Town of Okotoks.

Administration is currently working on a Land Use Bylaw amendment with the goal of enabling consideration of applications for retail cannabis stores in Okotoks following legalization by the federal government. The Land Use Bylaw amendment will work within the Province of Alberta’s framework for cannabis released on October 3, 2017 and any subsequent legislation and regulations.  Information regarding regulations and permit requirements for retail cannabis sales will be posted on this webpage as it becomes available, and you are encouraged to check it periodically for updates.

At this time, the Town of Okotoks may consider a Development Permit Application for the uses and businesses associated with cannabis through the following areas:

  • Retail stores that sell cannabis-related products/paraphernalia, but not cannabis or cannabis derived products, may currently be considered as an Adult Entertainment Use. An adult entertainment use may only be considered in a Direct Control District designated for that purpose.
  • Businesses that provide consultation and counselling on the use of medical cannabis, provide prescriptions for medical cannabis, provide information regarding access to medical cannabis; but do not sell cannabis-related products/paraphernalia, cannabis, or cannabis derived products; may currently be considered as a Medical Clinic or Office, depending upon the nature of the use.

Please note that retail cannabis stores are anticipated to be listed and defined as a specific, unique land use.  That means that existing businesses currently permitted and licensed to operate under existing land use categories will not be permitted to add the retail sale of cannabis to their business operations upon legalization without first obtaining a valid Development Permit from the Town.  Businesses with valid permits and licenses in the Town of Okotoks will not be exempt from changes to the Land Use Bylaw in relation to the legalization of retail cannabis sales.

At this point, the Town is unable to accept applications for businesses wanting to sell cannabis and its derivative products. Watch this page for updates as the regulations are developed and finalized.

Medicinal Marihuana Production Facilities are currently not licensed or permitted within the Town of Okotoks.


Any person who contravenes or causes, allows or permits a contravention of any provision of the Land Use Bylaw, or of a development permit, or any condition forming part of a development permit, is guilty of an offense and may be fined $1,500 for a first offense.

A development permit may be required when adding a use or changing the intensity of a use or business, such as adding retail sales to a medical clinic, or expanding the floor area of your business.

For more information regarding enforcement and fines, please refer to Land Use Bylaw Section 6.


If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact Planning Services at 403-995-2760 or click here to submit an online form for assistance.