• Preschool Oral Health Clinic

Preschool Oral Health Clinics

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that a child see a dental professional by age 1. The Okotoks Oral Health Clinics will teach parents ways to protect their child's teeth, provide a visual dental screening and apply fluoride varnish.

Fluoride Varnish has been proven to prevent new cavities and stop cavities that have already started.

Clinic Dates & Appointments

Brought to you by:

  • Alberta Health Services
  • Primary Care Network
  • Town of Okotoks

All children 12 months to 35 months of age living in the Town of Okotoks are eligible for the FREE Oral Health Clinics. 

What is included in the Preschool Oral Health Clinics?

A dental professional will:

  • Provide a visual dental check
  • Provide a fluoride varnish treatment. Fluoride varnish is a liquid painted onto your child's teeth to provide protection from cavities. It takes only a minute to apply and is safe for young children.
  • Talk about ways to help protect your child's teeth.
What to Expect

Dental Screening is done using a disposable mirror with a light. A knee to knee position with the caregiver and dental professional may be used. An examining table can also be used if this is available. Both positions keep the parent close so the child feels secure and it allows the clinician to see all the soft tissues and teeth easily.

Fluoride is a bubblegum-flavoured liquid painted onto your child's teeth with a small brush. It takes only a minute to apply and is safe for young children because it sticks to the teeth so they do not swallow it.


The Town of Okotoks voted to discontinue fluoridation of the municipal water supply in December 2012. Town Council also directed Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) and the Okotoks Family Resource Centre to implement strategies to support residents who are at risk of dental caries (cavities). FCSS has worked with Alberta Health Services (Oral Health) and the Primary Care Network to develop a plan to support families with young children who are at risk of dental caries (cavities).