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Water Reuse Workshop: what is it and what could it mean for your community?

Thursday, November 28, 2019 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Share and learn with the Water and Resource Recovery Lab and your fellow citizens in the Foothills area. Join us for an interactive and informative session to learn more about water reuse and resource recovery, and discuss how it could be implemented in our region.

You are invited to participate in a discussion-centered activity focused on potential applications for water reuse, not only in our region but across Alberta and all of Canada. Help shape the conversation as you share your perspective, hopes for, and concerns around water reuse, including what kind of reuse is of interest, and what can be done to promote support for reuse in our region.

Bring a friend and a pen! Please RSVP to attend as space is limited:


Who should attend?

This session is designed for the general public and will be held at the Okotoks Council Chamber in the Municipal Centre at 5 Elizabeth Street, Okotoks?

  • Residents from Okotoks and the surrounding municipalities in the Foothills region
  • Representatives from multi-family complexes, condo boards and care facilities

Hosted by the University of Alberta's Water and Resource Recovery Lab, in partnership with the Town of Okotoks.


Learn more about water reuse:

Nicholas Ashbolt, of the Water and Resource Recover Lab, explains the unsustainability of our sewers, and the smart fixes that can save agriculture, halve our energy use, and improve public health:

Find plenty of resources at www.reusewater.ca


Bring a friend and a pen! Please RSVP to attend as space is limited:

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