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Picnic at the Piano with Kenna Burima

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Bring a picnic lunch and a blanket and join us for a free, outdoor, family-friendly concert at the downtown plaza throughout the summer months. In the event of poor weather, the event will move to RPAC, 3 Elma Street E.

Kenna Burima

In her adopted hometown of Calgary, Kenna Burima has earned a reputation as someone who can turn ideas into big projects and inspire people to come together, but at her core, Burima wears one label most proudly: musician. 

Since her graduation from Mount Royal University with a Diploma in Music Performance, Burima’s love for all musical forms has seen her involved in a diversity of projects. She plays keys in garage organ punk band Jeans Degrees, the sweaty synth rock band Beaver Squadron and as a hired keyboard gun for a number of other artists. But the best way figure out what drives Burima is to delve into her solo albums: classical-cabaret affairs that draw on her vast musical know-how. Pinning Burima’s solo music down is no easy task — the complexities of her writing and performances reflect the heart of an artist who is never content to restrict herself to one genre, one project, or one set of rigid ideas. 

With her second solo album Hymn Burima uses her cabaret-style pop songs (that draw on her time spent in the music departments of MRU and the University of Calgary and love of everything from jazz to Black Sabbath) to mine musical, political, and emotional ground, bravely reporting her findings with raw honesty and musical vulnerability. Backed by a band of local friends, Hymn is a peek into Kenna Burima’s heart and soul. Step into her world and explore her unique vision with Hymn available now. 

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Brought to you by the Town of Okotoks Culture & Heritage with sponsorship from the Okotoks Arts Council. 

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