Nooks & Crannies Festival

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Nooks & Crannies is a festival where artists create temporary site-specific installations in downtown Okotoks. This art festival sees artists repurpose and animate forgotten places with ‘forgotten’ materials, bringing public art to forgotten corners of downtown Okotoks. Individual artists and teams use recycled products to create installations that raise environmental awareness, animate spaces, and entertain audiences.

Presented alongside Buskersfest, the inaugural Nooks & Crannies Festival opens June 22nd, 2019 with the art installations available for viewing until the end of August.

Please view the list of locations on the sidebar before applying. Artists are encouraged to visit the spaces in person. Locations are also easily viewable on Google Maps. 

What are we looking for?

We seek proposals from artists to create temporary public art installations in the forgotten nooks and crannies in downtown Okotoks, Alberta. Because the materials used in all installations will be recyclable items from the Okotoks Eco Centre, environmental awareness and sustainability will be key themes. While not required of all accepted artists, our jury will favour artist proposals that include a public engagement or collaboration component. We’d like to see engagement with community members and/or community groups (i.e. schools, seniors’ centres, community organizations and/or local businesses). In your application, please clearly state that you will work or are willing to work with, team up with, or lead a local group.

Who Creates the Art?

We have places for all sorts of artists. There are four categories of submission. All artists/artist teams choose whichever category they feel they best fit. Remember that the competition stiffens as you move up in category and that team applications in any category are encouraged.

Participating artists will install artworks from June 20 to 22; installations must be complete by 2:00 PM on June 22nd.

Nooks and Crannies only accepts submissions from Alberta artists. In the inaugural year, there is no funding for accommodation or food. If you’re applying from outside the Okotoks area and will need accommodations, let us know. We’ll put a call out to see if we can find you an inexpensive place to stay or maybe even a billet in someone’s home for a couple of nights.

Professional Artists

These artists make a living through art. They don’t sell the odd painting, they’ve built their entire career from art; it’s what they do and who they are. These artists will be paid installation fees of $1250.00 per installation.

An impartial jury will select Professional artists based on their resume, design, model or sketch, and description.

Accomplished Artists

These artists make art because they have to, or love to. They are prolific creators who may – or may not – sell art on a regular basis. Their house and their friends’ houses may be filled with their art. They are great or good artists but art does not support them financially. They may be studying art in school. They may have had a few gallery exhibits. These artists will be paid an honorarium of $250 per installation.

An impartial jury will select our Accomplished artists based on their resume design, model or sketch and description.

Hobbyist Artists

Maybe you draw for fun or occasionally paint or sometimes make a sculpture or once in a while take a pretty cool photo. This category is for those who like the idea of creating a piece of temporary public art. They are excited to be part of the community that makes Okotoks a bold and eclectic place to live. Materials and an honorarium of $100.

Culture & Heritage staff will select our Hobbyist artists based on design, model or sketch.

Youth Artists

This category is open for high school or junior high students. It’s a chance to build your portfolio, have a public exhibit, express yourself through art and have a bit of beginning-of-the-summer fun. Materials and an honorarium of $100.

Culture & Heritage staff will select our Youth artists based on design, model or sketch.

Artists must ensure:
  • All materials used must be provided by the artist or the Okotoks Eco Centre
  • Artwork does not pose any risk to the public. Artwork must not fall or blow over (art will require tie-downs and/or weights), must not have sharp edges or be made of anything that can break or shatter. Submissions will be judged on safety and stability. Upon completion, each installation will be inspected by the town to make certain that they meet safety requirements; should an artwork not meet these requirements, the artist is required to make changes to ensure safety and stability. If an installation does have problems throughout the summer, the artist must repair it or it will be removed prematurely.
  • Artwork must stand up to the elements i.e. wind, rain
  • Doorways and walkways are not blocked
  • At the end of the festival all artworks will either:
    • Be picked up by the artist on August 25, 2019 between 10:00AM and 3:00PM
    • Be taken by the Town of Okotoks staff to Okotoks Eco Centre and will be recycled.

Please note: Artwork may be damaged or vandalized throughout the summer.

All artists and teams will be required to take an OH&S orientation prior to installation.

Please note:

Copyright for artworks remains with the artists. If artists choose to keep their creation, artwork must be removed on August 25th. Transportation and removal is the responsibility of the artist. Should any artist not remove their artwork on August 25th, the Town of Okotoks will recycle the artwork.

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