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The Okotoks Art Gallery is delighted to count the following artists among our members.

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Jack Bosgra

An avid outdoorsman, Jack has had a lifelong love affair with nature from a very early age.  A hunter, trapper, and fisherman throughout his adult life, photography has become his most recent passion, beginning in the summer of 2015. He became a member of the Okotoks Art Gallery in the summer of 2016 and has also recently joined the Turner Valley Camera Club.

Bob Boyko

For Bob Boyko, painting has always been a challenge. He is colour-blind with browns and greens, so traditional landscapes are out of the question. As a result, he has developed his own techniques with occasionally vivid backgrounds and silhouettes. As he is painting, he looks at each picture from a different perspective until he is comfortable with the outcome. He prefers to use acrylics. 

Cheryl Boyko

As a young adult, Cheryl Boyko studied art under local artists in her hometown in Manitoba. She gave up painting for a while after marriage and children, packing all her supplies in a box where they stayed for years until she retired. Having always enjoyed watercolours, Cheryl signed up for workshops at the Leighton Art Centre before studying under artist Eleanor Lowden in Calgary. She enjoys vibrant, bright colours and loves creating landscapes with that technique. She paints for the enjoyment of it, and often surprises herself with the results. 

Janifer Calvez

Janifer Calvez lives in Southern Alberta surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains, prairie, and wind. Her original acrylic and watercolour paintings portray her connection to her natural surroundings and her love of the outdoors. Janifer captures her impressions in a bright and bold display using colour and whimsy. She encourages you to notice the magical in the normal of our everyday lives, and to be aware of the beauty that surrounds you.

Visit her at www.janifercalvez.com or at her Facebook page: Janifer Calvez Art

Sandra Heavens

Sandra's life as an artist started in January 2012, when she had the honour of taking art classes from Nan Haas Feldman -an artist from Boston -while on an Oceania cruise. Nan offered instruction in mixed media and acrylic painting classes. Although she enjoyed these classes and learned a lot, she left acrylics behind and took up watercolours with Connie Sidebottom in Nanton, Alberta.

In February 2013, Sandra met fellow artist Hans Scholz, who introduced her to the OAG Tuesday Art Group in Okotoks. This wonderful group helps her in every aspect of watercolours, inks drawings, and mixed media. She continues to take classes every chance she gets. Bringing her drawings and watercolours to life is what she enjoys most.

Gordon Mackey

A full time artist new to Okotoks, Gordon works in graphite and acrylics. He also does portraits, figuratives, animals, landscapes, abstracts, and weird creations. As a retired fine-arts teacher, among other occupations, he loves seeing people enjoy his work. His art is in collections from B.C. and Alberta, to Newfoundland, the U.S., and Holland. He has shown his art in over 60 northern Alberta shows, several of those being solo shows. You can find him on his Facebook page 'Gordon Mackey Art', or email him at gordon.art4u@gmail.com

Valerie McLenahan

Colour, shapes, and texture inspire Valerie McLenahan to design vibrant watercolour and acrylic paintings. Valerie conjures an artistic idea, gathers her reference photos, adds imagination, and then creates stunning pieces of artwork in a variety of styles. Experimenting and exploring new techniques keeps her busy.

She is a member of the High River Art Society, the Okotoks Art Gallery and the Blackie Artist Guild. Near the hamlet of Blackie is where Valerie resides with her equally creative family. She teaches lessons in watercolour. You can often find her in the company of fellow artists.

Visit her artwork at www.valeriemclenahan.ca

Shirley Paradis

Shirley was born in High River, Alberta, and after living in Norway, Turkey, and Scotland, now makes her home in Okotoks, and has for over 25 years.

Shirley spent 4 incredible years at ACAD, 1.5 years apprentice silversmithing with Bob Olrich in Banff, and many years of other work and travel experiences with numerous great artists and metalsmiths. Shirley now uses her time to create art in a wide variety of mediums.

"If I can create affordable art that people will buy, then I am able to buy more raw materials, have fun creating again, and sometimes even pay the bills! My philosophy in life is to always smile, grow, change, and become more creative and happier everyday through art and humor. I get by with a little help from my friends!"

Annette Petrovich

Annette’s passion for photography and observing nature began at the age of twelve. Her box camera recorded many memories which are still being used as resources. Her painting career began in 1998 after taking a general art course. She began with watercolours, but has since discovered a love for acrylics. Studying and painting faces became a challenge and an obsession.

Annette was raised in Lethbridge, Alberta, but now resides in Okotoks. The proximity to the Rockies and the diverse landscape provides her with photos and painting subjects. While spending numerous winters in Yuma, AZ, Annette was intrigued with the flora and fauna of the Arizona desert. Many of her paintings depict that region.

Annette Resler

Alberta-born artist Annette Resler credits her mom for nudging her into the world of creating original art. Personal moments during visits with her mom, who at the time was in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's, gave Annette time to reflect on exploring a road not taken.

Her background as a graphic artist has helped her to understand the many parallels between commercial design and painting with brush in hand. Although oils are Annette's preferred medium, she continues to hone her skills in a variety of mediums and styles. Now a full-time artist, you can find Annette in her home studio in Okotoks with an eclectic selection of music playing in the background. She also paints en plein air at every opportunity, enjoying nature's soundtrack!

You can visit her website at www.areslerart.com 

Virgini Senden

Virgini is an Okotoks-based artist who enjoys working in acrylics and oils. She is inspired by the natural environment, and mostly chooses to paint landscapes, trees, florals, and animals. Alberta is blessed with a multitude of gorgeous critters and breathtaking landscapes that she loves to explore year-round. Virgini cannot go outside without being intrigued by the beauty surrounding us. She is especially captivated by the way that light can create a special atmosphere in both large and tiny spaces. Her style can be defined as a kind of graphic realism. She enjoys exaggerating the brightness of colour to produce a cheerful image. She hopes to make people smile, not take things too seriously, and to enjoy life. 

Marg Smith

Artist Marg Smith

Light and colour are the ultimate joy for Marg, as she creates her art both in her studio and 'en plein air'. Her work captures a moment of 'WOW!' and she attempts to evoke that emotion in the viewer through her oils and acrylics.

Primarily a self-taught artist, Marg has taken workshops from Andrew Kiss, Roger Arndt, Murray Phillips, and Doug Swinton. Smith is an active member of the FCA and belongs to the VAAA, CARFAC, the ASA, the Leighton Centre, Canmore Art Guild, Okotoks Art Gallery, High River Art Society, and Sheep Creek Arts Council.

Her artwork can be seen at the Highwood Art Gallery in High River, the Okotoks Art Gallery, the Canmore Art Guild Gallery, and the Leighton Art Centre, or on her website at www.margsmithfineart.com.

Natalie VonRaven

Natalie VonRaven is an acrylic painter and artisan from Alberta, Canada. She likes to create hi-contrast characters with bold, dramatic features and big, gleaming eyes, a favourite style which has been evolving since her youth -faces with 'personatalie'!

Over the past few years, hundreds of paintings have emerged from her easel. Thanks to wonderful fans and supporters, most of them have made their way into homes and private collections across the globe. She now has over 300 original paintings in 7 countries.

View her art at http://natalievonraven.blogspot.ca

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