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Art in the Hall

This program provides an opportunity for local artists to show and sell their work over a two- or three-month period of time in the Okotoks Municipal Centre, the Okotoks Rec Centre, the Okotoks Public Library, Foothills Centennial Centre, or Pason Centennial Arena.  For more information on how you can exhibit at any of these locations please call the gallery at 403.938.3204.

Okotoks Municipal Centre -2019 Exhibits

This space for local artists is in the concourse of the Municipal Centre at 5 Elizabeth Street.

January & February | Kim Berlie

March & April | Tim Johnston

May & June | John Pritchard

July & August | June McMurdo

September & October | Cathie Johnson

November & December | Cindy Bouwers

Okotoks Recreation Centre -2019 Exhibits

This space for local artists is in the lobby of the Okotoks Recreation Centre at 99 Okotoks Drive.

January & February | Patricia Palmer

March & April | Kathy Lycka

May & June | Deanna Weder

July & August | Virgini Senden

September & October | Elisa Shigehiro

November & December | Lanhee Cho


Okotoks Public Library -2019 Exhibits

This space for local artists is on the main floor of the Okotoks Public Library at 7 Riverside Drive.

January & February | Sandra Heavens & Judy Moore

March & April | Robin Thibodeau

May & June | Christina Kang

July & August | Jeanette Sthamann

September & October | Kathy Villanueva-Dunsmuir

November & December | Deb Klics


Pason Centennial Arena Expansion Main Floor -2019 Exhibits

Our newest space for local artists is on the main floor of the Pason Centennial Arena Expansion at 204 Community Way. 

January to March | Annette Resler

April to June | Wendy Madell

July to September | Nancy Schmautz

October to December | Jack Bosgra


Foothills Centennial Centre -2019 Exhibits

January to March | Caron McBride

April to June | Maxine Boss

July to September | Shirin Yamolky

October to December | Joyce Brown

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