Okotoks RCMP kicks off Operation Cold Start

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Operation Cold Start is an annual initiative that has RCMP and law enforcement partners across Alberta checking for unattended idling vehicles within the community. It runs from Tuesday, January 9 through Friday, January 12 and the objective of Operation Cold Start is to proactively seek out idling vehicles that have been left unattended and make contact with the owner to provide education on the risks associated with leaving vehicles idling. This initiative supports the idle-free Bylaw 18-15 to limit excessive idling in Okotoks.

Operation Cold Start combats the high number of auto thefts that occur during the winter months across the province. Warm-up thefts are crimes of opportunity, where car thieves target vehicles left running and unattended. These thefts are preventable, contribute to the high rate of auto thefts and create significant risks to public safety.

For this coming week, officers will be patrolling communities looking for vehicles left running and unattended. Officers will also be on the lookout for known prolific auto theft offenders, as well as suspicious persons and vehicles.

Detachment Commander, John Klassen, of the Okotoks RCMP would like to remind everyone "Please do not to leave vehicles running while unattended and do not to leave your keys inside your vehicle."

Stolen vehicles are often used by criminals to commit further crimes that victimize others, and while we are committed to holding those responsible accountable for their actions, we need the public’s help to reduce the number of preventable thefts.

Citizens who are planning to warm up their vehicle are reminded to:

  • Never leave a running vehicle unattended if the keys are inside the vehicle, or if the vehicle has been started with a keyless ignition or push-button start.

  • Use a remote starter whenever possible and keep your vehicle locked.

  • If you are warming up your vehicle with the keys in the ignition or with a push-button start, stay with your vehicle.

  • Use a steering wheel lock to deter thieves.

  • Never leave spare keys or garage door openers in or around your vehicle.

  • Never leave children or pets in a running vehicle.

  • Do not leave valuables, including identity documents and bank cards, in a vehicle.

  • Report suspicious activity to police immediately by calling 9-1-1 for crimes in progress.

This initiative supports the idle-free Bylaw 18-15 to limit excessive idling in Okotoks.

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