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The high quality and value of services delivered in Okotoks comes directly from Town employees. We provide a foundation of strength that is critical to preserving and enhancing the qualities that make Okotoks a special place to live. As someone who is interested in working here, you likely feel the same way. For you being part of continuous improvement and providing quality customer service is key.The Town of Okotoks is a progressive corporation; offering a challenging and dynamic work environment where collaboration, open communication, frequent exchange of ideas and teamwork assists us in providing exceptional customer service.

The work environment (organizational chart) we operate in is best described in the core values that were created by employees. They are our foundation and serve as a model of appropriate behavior that all employees strive to maintain.

Employee Benefits

We couldn't accept your hard work without showing our gratitude in some way. -  Employees are provided a competitive and comprehensive compensation & benefits program that includes a conventional system of base pay plus employee benefits with Manulife. We also offer several opportunities for additional rewards for extraordinary performance.

Plans Include:

and a list of other perks. Reflect on the benefits you'll earn as a Town of Okotoks employee, and then apply for your career opportunity.

We strive to assist employees in balancing work and family life through initiatives such as alternative work arrangements, including flexible hours (when possible and practical). Our corporate culture is friendly and community minded, with the majority of our employees living in the foothills area to enjoy the high quality of life within the community.

Job Perks

In addition to comprehensive health and wellness benefits, you deserve other perks to make your life a little easier and more enjoyable. It's not just your health we're looking out for.

  • Free parking

  • Computer purchase program
  • Incentives for community and recreation and fitness facilities

Employee-run events

Yes, it's a tired expression, but it's true: those who work hard, play hard. Our employees do like to take a break and spend some non-work time together.

  • Annual Staff Appreciation
  • Rodeo BBQ
  • Annual softball tournament
  • Heart & Stroke Big Bike Challenge
  • Hallowe'en Departmental Pumpkin Carving Competition
  • A Social Club with opportunities to socialize at outside of work events.

Our employees are also a giving bunch – many volunteer throughout the community, and we all play our part to support the Town of Okotoks culture.

Community & Culture

We're evolving, so change here is almost constant. And we're all taking the opportunity to transform it everyday, both at work, and in the community.

Our vibrant and growing Town has many things to offer; shorter commutes, unique shopping and dining opportunities, a flourishing cultural community, abundant outdoor trails and parks, extensive recreational facilities, and inviting family oriented neighbourhoods. Discover more about Okotoks and our Community Vision.

Town culture - Our employees are the cornerstone of our organization and working with us will provide you with the opportunity to work in an ever growing environment with an awesome group of people.

  • Continuous improvement, customer service, and teamwork are important here.
  • The size of our organization gives you a great diversity of work that will impact our community. While we are growing, we are always connected to each other.  Access to other employees is easy if you need advice, support or answers.
  • Free parking is available throughout all of our locations, including the Municipal Centre.
  •  Your voice will be heard. Engagement and satisfaction surveys, various committees, and meet and greets with all Team members are all venues for feedback.
  • A safe and healthy work environment.
  •  Meaningful and interesting positions and projects.
  • An inclusive workplace that respects diversity and individual contributions.
  • Caring, positive and supportive work teams.
  • Recognition for outstanding performance.
Strategic Focus

The Town of Okotoks has adopted a Vision & Mission Statement that provides a long-term focus for our community and for the Corporation. Our shorter-term focus is provided through our 2014-2017 Corporate Business Plan. To get a feel for the type of Corporation we are, read about our Commitment. The 4 year Business Plan is developed by each newly elected Town Council. It is linked to the Vision and sets the goals for the Corporation during the length of their elected term. Our strategic focus is further aligned through creation of annual Tactical Plans for each of our 23 business centres.

We also believe that being a sustainable organization is important to our current and long term success and therefore Town Council has endorsed the following:

Town of Okotoks Commitment to Human Resources

  1. Proud and dedicated staff are the Corporation’s most valued resource and most effective means to deliver municipal services.
  2. The Corporation is committed to individual growth and development through continuous learning. A learning organization has the capacity and capability to remain leading edge, innovative and creative.
  3. Staff will be empowered and have the authority and responsibility to deliver effective, timely services to our customers. Staff will also be accountable.
  4. Staff will be encouraged, and have the opportunity to participate in policy development regarding programs, services and the work environment.
  5. Compensation will be fair, market sensitive and encourage individual initiative.

We offer progressive human resources and organizational design practices, including a flat Organizational Design. This structure enables us to maintain an empowering environment allowing our people to make decisions to meet the current and future needs of the clients they serve. Our Corporation is grouped into 6 larger teams:

  1. Corporate & Strategic Services
  2. Community Services
  3. Development Services
  4. Infrastructure & Operations
  5. Protective Services
  6. Finance & Systems

Within these teams, we have 23 semi-autonomous business centres that offer a variety of services provided by over 150 talented and highly qualified employees delivering diverse and complex services. It takes all kinds of people to make up a community and working for the Town is no different. We are diverse in our services, our people, with each of us bringing varied and unique talents, backgrounds, needs, expectations, perspectives and experiences to our work. Together, we make a great Corporation!

At the Town of Okotoks, we are building a sustainable community with people who want to make a difference.

Organizational Excellence

The Town of Okotoks joined Excellence Canada in April 2009 Okotoks’ decided that the best approach to rejuvenate the corporation was to once again focus more on front line employee involvement to drive change from the bottom up. Okotoks believes that quality is the responsibility of every employee.  This world-class program evaluates organizational excellence through a multi-year process consisting of four levels of achievement: bronze, silver, gold & platinum.

The Town of Okotoks has been working diligently since then to achieve certification through Excellence Canada’s Excellence, Innovation and Wellness program.

The Town continues to succeed in enhancing the areas of Leadership & Governance, Strategy & Planning, Process & Project Management, Customer Experience, Partners & Suppliers and People Engagement.

Maintaining a work environment where staff embraces continuous improvement and excellence on a daily basis benefits our citizens, customers and community as a whole.

Types of Career

The Town of Okotoks is dedicated to providing a wide range of quality services and programs designed to maintain a high quality of life for our community. Providing services & programs for a diverse population of over 27,000 requires a wide variety of occupations to deliver them. With Okotoks being one of the fastest growing communities in Alberta, we anticipate challenging and rewarding careers in a number of occupations. Here is a sample of some of the careers we offer:

Corporate Support Services

  • Town Hall  Client Representative
  • Finance/Accounting (CGA, CMA)
  • Specialists - Payroll, AP/AR, Taxes, Insurance, Risk Management
  • I.T. Specialists - Systems Analysts, GIS, Mapping, Network & Website Administrators
  • Human Resources Specialists
  • Communications & Public Relations
  • Support Staff in all Teams (Secretaries, Administrative Assistants, Reception, Clerical, etc.)

Community Services

  • Recreation Services Specialists
  • Lifeguards, Swimming & Fitness Instructors
  • Arena Workers
  • Social Workers
  • Volunteer Coordinators
  • Community Programs & Special Event Coordinators
  • Culture & Historical Specialists

Development Services

  • Engineers - Civil, Project and Engineering Technologists
  • Planners - Community, Development and Subdivision 
  • Economic Development Specialists
  • Building Safety Code Officer
  • Property Assessors


  • Transportation Operators (roads)
  • Parks Specialists - Landscapers, Horticulture, Turf, Irrigation, Arborculture
  • Solid Waste & Recycling Depot Operators
  • Heavy Duty Mechanics & Fleet Specialists
  • Administrative Specialists - Utility billing, cemetery
  • Facility Maintenance

Protective Services

  • Firefighters
  • Municipal Enforcement Officers

Please check our current careers on a regular basis to view our vacant positions.

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