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Contact us to find out information about donating a Memorial bench or tree, locating a loved one's burial site, or purchasing a burial plot.

Cemetery Cremation Garden Expansion

Detailed design is underway to expand the Okotoks Cremation Garden. This expansion is planned for 2017 and will include a number of new cemetery services such as a scattering garden, family vessels, and memorial wall. Additional community columbaria will also be offered. Click here to see the draft site plan.

Cemetery Fees

Cemetery Fees

Please call the Cemetery Administrator at 403-938-8958 for any questions.

Cemetery Land Needs Assessment 2016

The Town of Okotoks is committed to providing quality cemetery services and as such commissioned LEES+Associates in the spring of 2016 to deliver a comprehensive Cemetery Land Needs Assessment that will provide a clear road map to guide the future development of the Town’s cemetery system and meet the needs of the community into the future. To read the full report, visit Town of Okotoks Cemetery Land Needs Assessment.

Prior to the 2016 Town of Okotoks Cemetery Land Needs Assessment, the 2008 Cemetery Enhancement Plan guided cemetery growth and development.

Memorial Donations

The purpose of the Memorial Donation Program is to provide the opportunity for citizens to honour deceased loved ones, families or groups by having a park bench and/or a tree with a memorial plaque installed on municipal property.

Memorial Donations


To learn more about the Okotoks cemetery history, visit the Heritage House and take the cemetery walking tour. To inquire about the Historical Monument or Cemetery Walking Tour, contact the Okotoks Museum & Archives.

Town of Okotoks Cemetery Annual Clean Up

Cemetery spring clean-up is done every year in order to maintain the appearance of our cemetery and ensure the safety of visitors and employees.

This clean up includes: litter control, seeding and leveling of interment sites, and removing all non-approved memorabilia throughout the cemetery that do not meet the requirements of the Cemetery By-law 26-84.  This bylaw states:

18.   No person shall: 

e.      place or deposit any glass encased wreath or any stand, holder, vase, receptacle, jar, bottle, or pot made of glass on any lot;  

  • We ask that family members clear the area around your family burial plot(s) to facilitate ongoing maintenance during the spring season.
  • Collected items, other than perishable or deteriorated items, will be stored if not claimed, by mid-June each year.

Thank you for your cooperation! It is greatly appreciated.

For additional information regarding this event, please contact the Cemetery Administration Office by email at cemetery@okotoks.ca or by phone at 403-938-8958.

Cemetery News

Cremation Garden Expansion 2017

The Okotoks Cemetery: The Beauty of Cemetery Planning - September 8, 2016

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Cemetery Map

You may view and download the map of the Okotoks Cemetery.