Subdivision is the process of dividing land into smaller parcels. A proposal might be as simple as subdividing one lot into two lots, but more often proposes a large number of new lots and roads in a developing neighbourhood.   

The Okotoks Municipal Planning Commission is the approving authority for subdivision applications.  The Commission meets the third Thursday of every month and agenda packages are posted online.

There are several types of subdivision which serve different purposes. Anyone considering the subdivision of a property in Okotoks is encouraged to consult with Planning Services prior to making application.

Outline Plan Application

Outline plans are prepared as an initial stage in the subdivision process, usually in outlying areas where there is no existing urban development and for large tracts of land.  They establish a distribution of land uses, open space, and road networks for new neighbourhoods and are processed together with land use redesignations.  Once approved by the Municipal Planning Commission, they guide subsequent subdivision applications.  

Subdivision Application

A tentative plan of subdivision is prepared when land is proposed for subdivision. Typically, a tentative plan is prepared as a “phase” of an Outline Plan but can also be prepared for the separation of an existing lot. Decisions are made by the Municipal Planning Commission and, unlike outline plans, tentative plans are legal plans that establish the layout of roads and properties.  


Concept Plan


Outline Plan

$2,750.00 or $275.00/hectare
(whichever is greater)

Outline Plan Revisions

50% of current fee

Tentative Plan (conforms to an Outline Plan)

$2,500.00 or
$250.00 per lot
(whichever is greater)

Tentative Plan (does not conform to an approved Outline Plan)

$2,750.00 or
$275.00 per lot
(whichever is greater)

Subdivision Endorsement Fee

$600.00 or
$100.00 per lot
(whichever is greater)

Tentative Plan (maximum two lots; single and semi-detached dwellings includes endorsement)


Tentative Plan (maximum two lots; other land uses includes endorsement)


Subdivision Time Extension


Minor Revisions to Subdivision Approval


Subdivision Appeal


Condominium Conversions

$40.00 per unit

No fee for lots designated as reserve (MR, MSR, ER) or utility lots.  Tentative Plan fees used for Bareland Condominium Plans.

Applicant is responsible for any additional fees that may be incurred by the Town as a result of the location, design, or unique characteristics or circumstances of a particular subdivision application, including but not limited to:  Land Appraisal, Consulting Fees and Legal Fees.

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