North Okotoks Area Structure Plan & Amendments to Northwest Okotoks Area Structure Plan

Project Updates:

D’Arcy Outline Plan: A revised version of the D’Arcy Outline Plan and Supporting Information Book is now available for review and feedback. The D’Arcy Outline Plan provides the conceptual framework for land use and subdivision of the area. The deadline for comments on the D’Arcy Outline Plan is Monday, December 5, 2016.

Northridge Drive: As part of the planning process for these lands, a Northridge Drive Functional Study Review was undertaken to consider options for reconfiguring the Northridge Drive corridor. This conceptual design is subject to further review and refinement but provides a basis for rethinking this critical transportation corridor to support increased vehicle traffic, active transportation users and future transit services. As part of this process, the Town is considering the closure of excess portions of the Northridge Drive right-of-way that are not required for transportation infrastructure. If approved by Council, these ‘closed’ portions of right-of-way would be consolidated into the adjacent development lands in exchange for additional public open space within the future neighbourhoods. A public hearing has been scheduled for Monday, November 28, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. for Council to consider the closure of portions of the Northridge Drive right-of-way.  The proposed plans are available for viewing here.

NOASP: The North Okotoks Area Structure Plan (Bylaw 24-16) was adopted by Council on November 14, 2016.

NWOASP: The amendments to the Northwest Okotoks Area Structure Plan (Bylaw 15-16) and associated amendments to the Municipal Development Plan (Bylaw 14-16) were adopted by Council on June 27, 2016. 


To accommodate anticipated growth and ensure that future development plans maintain the values and principles that are important to residents, a robust community planning process is being undertaken for the lands identified in the figure below by the Town in collaboration with the developer, United Communities. This planning process will guide the future development of these lands through amendments to the existing Northwest Okotoks Area Structure Plan and the development of a new North Okotoks Area Structure Plan. The proposed process will consider potential development on the quarter section immediately to the east of the proposed North Okotoks Area Structure Plan for context purposes only as it is currently within the boundary of the M.D. of Foothills and dependent on future annexation.

Amendment to the Existing Northwest Okotoks Area Structure Plan
This Area Structure Plan amendment will apply to approximately 271 acres of land between Northridge Drive and the D’Arcy Ranch Golf Club. Additionally, the developer proposes to prepare an Outline Plan and undertake first phase land use amendments concurrently with the Area Structure Plan amendment.

Development of a New North Okotoks Area Structure Plan (NOASP)
This proposed Area Structure Plan includes approximately 153 acres of land east of Northridge Drive and north of Banister Gate. The developer proposes to prepare an Outline Plan and undertake first phase land use amendments concurrently with the development of the Area Structure Plan. This process will also consider the development potential of the quarter section immediately to the east of the proposed NOASP lands for context purposes as this land forms a logical part of this future North Okotoks neighbourhood and with the existing residential neighbourhood to the south. However, this land will not form part of the proposed Area Structure Plan as it is currently within the boundaries of the M.D. of Foothills and dependent on future annexation.

Background Information

What is an Area Structure Plan (ASP)?

Area Structure Plans are high level planning documents that are approved by the Town of Okotoks Council as bylaws and subsequent development must comply with the Area Structure Plan. In this instance, the Town is preparing these plans in collaboration with, and support of, the landowner. They define how a community is expected to be developed. They typically describe:

  • The sequencing of development
  • The general land uses for the community (e.g. the general location of commercial, residential, schools and other land uses throughout the community)
  • The expected density of development
  • The general location of major roadways and public utilities
  • Any additional requirements that Town Council may require

What is an Outline Plan?

Outline plans are more detailed than ASP’s and establish a detailed distribution of land uses, open space, and road networks for new neighbourhoods and are processed together with land use amendments. Once approved by the Municipal Planning Commission, they guide subsequent subdivision applications.

What are Land Use Amendments?

Land Use Amendments are bylaws that amend the Town of Okotoks Land Use Bylaw and establish the final lands use districts for new development areas and are subject to Town Council Approval. 

How Can You be Involved?

The Municipal Government Act mandates a meaningful public consultation process for the development of Area Structure Plans. Your involvement in upcoming events is welcome in contributing to the success of planning these developments.

  • An initial community session was held on April 22, 2015 to introduce the project and the big picture considerations that go into the development of the new and amended Area Structure Plans.
  • A second community consultation event was held by the Developer, United Communities, on December 3, 2015 to provide a draft conceptual plan for the area and considerations for the interface with Northridge Drive and commercial areas.
  • A third community consultation event was held by the Developer on May 30, 2016 at the Foothills Centennial Centre.
  • Public Hearings will be held before Town Council to consider the adoption of the NOASP and NWOASP Amendment in mid-2016.
  • At each event, the Town of Okotoks and the developer (United Communities) as well as their consultants will be in attendance to hear and capture resident comments and to discuss these plans.

Throughout the planning process, the Town of Okotoks will keep residents informed of dates and venues for public engagement, other ways for residents to register comments and input (including web-based), and ongoing developments and decisions made by Council by way of future letters and public notices.

Thank you to everyone that have attended consultation events so far and provided feedback into the plan development.

For More Information:

Colin Gainer, Senior Planner
Town of Okotoks
Ph: 403-995-2759