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Water Conservation Rebate Program

2016 Residential Water Conservation Rebate Program is sold out!

The program runs annually starting in May 1 on a first come, first served basis until the $40,000 fund is fully depleted. For questions regarding the 2016 Program please email sustainability@okotoks.ca or call 403-938-8901.  

Watch for the 2017 Residential Water Conservation Rebate Program starting May 1, 2017.  All approved rebate items purchased from January to April 30, 2017 that fall under the program requirements will be eligible, so save your receipts!  

What is the Rebate Program?
The Town of Okotoks is offering a water conservation rebate program to incentivize and reward residents for their efforts towards water conservation. Reducing water consumption is critical for Okotoks, as our community’s demand for water peaks during the summer months when the Sheep River aquifer provides the least resources.
What items qualify for the 2016 Rebate Program?

WaterSense® Certified High Efficiency Low Flow Toilet

Rebates will be provided for replacement toilets (5 years or older) that are WaterSense® Certified. Toilet specification sheet must be submitted with application form.  Note: Rebate not available for new construction (including basement development).  A 50% rebate per toilet up to a maximum of $100 per toilet. Maximum of $200 per household.

Rain Barrels

Any type of residential or commercial rain barrel. A 50% rebate per rain barrel up to a maximum of $50/barrel. Maximum of $100/household.

Residential Rainwater Harvesting  System 

Rebate program includes below ground tank systems, large scale above ground tank systems, pumps, rainwater harvesting filters, pipe connections and any required rainwater spout modifications.  Note: Pre-approval from the Town of Okotoks required. Please contact the Sustainability Coordinator at 403-938-8901.  A 50% rebate for total cost of rainwater harvesting unit up to a maximum rebate of $500 per household.  

Rain Sensor for Irrigation System Controller 

Rebate will be provided for the installation of a rain sensor that suspends a controller’s irrigation schedule during a rain event. Rebate available for a rain sensor on new irrigation installations and existing irrigation systems.  Note: Installation must be done by a professional irrigation contractor.  A 50% rebate for total cost of purchase up to a maximum rebate of $200 per household.

Organic and Inorganic Mulch

All forms of organic and inorganic mulch that are used for landscaping/ground cover:
  • Organic examples: bark shavings, nuggets, wood chips mixes
  •  Inorganic examples: rock mixes, shale Note: The purpose of the mulch must be to provide groundcover in areas that may normally be turf and reduce a need for water. Does not include mulch for areas under structures. Mulch must be permeable; non-permeable surfaces and pavers are not accepted.
A 50% rebate for total cost of purchase up to a maximum rebate of $200/household.

Drought Tolerant Ground Cover or Turf

Drought tolerant grass seed, sod and hydro-seed are eligible when composition consists of less than 30% of Kentucky Blue Grass.
Note: Proof of composition required. Please provide ingredients section of the bag or provide a product composition list from the
supplier.  A 50% rebate for total cost of purchase up to a maximum rebate of $200/household.
When is the Rebate Program offered?

The 2016 program is being offered from May 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016 on a first-come, first-served basis until the $50,000 fund is fully depleted. Your rebate will be reflected on your Town of Okotoks bimonthly Utility Account.

Who qualifies for the Rebate Program?
Rebates are available for Town of Okotoks residential property owners and renters up to a maximum of
$200*/household for approved water conservation purchases.
*Residential Rainwater Harvesting System has a maximum rebate of $500/household.
How Do I Apply for a Rebate?
  1. Complete an application form (available May 1, 2017). 
  2. Include a sales receipt and any additional required documentation with your application form. Items purchased as of January 1, 2017 are eligible.
  3. Completed forms (with all required documentation) can be submitted online or dropped off at the Municipal Centre. Complete applications will be processed on the date received.
Program Details

Available to residents of Okotoks (homeowners and renters)

  • Rebates offered on a first-come, first-served basis as application received (date stamped)
  • Rebates are provided through the Town of Okotoks bi-monthly utility bill (cheque provided to renters)
  • Shipping, installation and GST not included in rebate 
  • Proof of purchase required
  • Several items require additional specification information with application form
  • Several items are for replacement purchases only and are not eligible for new home construction
  • Only fully completed applications will be processed
2015 Residential Water Conservation Rebate Program Review

For the first time since the inception of the Residential Water Conservation Rebate Program, the Program’s budget was not fully utilized within the Program’s fiscal budget year. Of the 2015 Program’s $50,000 fund, $46,082.02 was exhausted by midnight on December 31, 2015. Historically, this Program’s annual funds are fully depleted by September each year.

A total of 478 rebate applications were received, with 466 applications approved and 13 applications declined (3%) due to ineligibility. Of the 466 approved applications, a total of 289 households participated in the 2015 Program with a total of 481 installations/purchases made.

The following is a breakdown of the number of items, and associated percentage of funds, that received a rebate in the 2015 residential program:

Items Rebated

Total Number Purchased

% of items

% of funds

Organic and/or inorganic mulch installations




WaterSense® certified toilets




Rain barrels




Rain sensors




Drought tolerant ground cover/turf




On-demand hot water recirculation system








Residential rainwater harvesting systems




The average rebate per household was $98.89, which is a modest decrease over the 2014 Program’s average of $130.88 per household. This decrease can be attributed to the removal of dishwashers and clothes washers from the program in 2015, as households that applied for these specific appliances in 2014, would have received the full maximum rebate of $200/household.

In comparison to past programs, the most significant change was in the increased number of rain barrels purchased within the 2015 Program, an increase of 64% over the 2014 Program and 20% over the 2013 Program. This success can be attributed to the Town’s partnership with GreenCalgary and First Calgary Financial’s environment week rain barrel sale.

Of the 466 approved applications, 70% of applicants stated that rebate program motivated their purchased, while 30% stated they would have implemented the water conserving measure this year at their home, with or without the program.

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