Energy Conservation Rebate Pilot Program

This program is now closed.

The Town of Okotoks has launched the Energy Conservation Rebate Pilot Program!

​High energy bills got you down? Find ways to save money by having an energy audit completed on your home.

The Town of Okotoks launched the MyHeat Energy Efficiency Platform at the end of January 2016.  This innovative platform provides homeowners with relevant information about their home’s thermal energy efficiency. The Town is proud to be offering a pilot rebate program associated the energy efficiency platform with the intent to encourage home owners to complete a home energy audit. This audit aims to enhance the knowledge and provide further detailed information for home owners about their homes. This audit will result in a factual report with step-by-step recommendations for homeowners of where in their homes they should invest their money to achieve a more energy efficient home and save money on their utility bills over time.

Please see the Feedback section below to get answers from a real-life Okotoks resident who had a professional Energy Audit conducted in her home.

To view an example of an energy audit report please see Related Publications. 

The rebate program is on a first-come, first- served basis and includes a staggered rebate structure to motivate residents to take action. The rebate is applied post-purchase and will be issued by cheque. 

Energy Audits completed from July 1 to Dec 31, 2016 are eligible, so please remember to keep and provide your receipt, along with your completed and approved audit report.  Please see below for the application submission process modifications.

The program rebate is on a first come, first serve basis so apply early!

  • The first ten (10) residents that have their homes audited and submits their invoice and a accepted digital copy of their audit report will receive a full refund of the cost (up to a maximum of $300).
  • The next eight (8) residents (applications 11 through to 18) will receive $250 towards the audit.
  • The next six (6) residents (applications 19 through to 24) will receive $200 towards the audit.
  • The next ten (10) residents (applications 25 through 34) will receive $100 towards the audit.

There are only two requirements to qualify for this program:

As of November 2016, there are only two Service Organizations that are certified to the new Natural Resources Canada EnerGuide ‘version 15’ standard in Alberta:

  • AmeriSpec of Canada – 1-(866)-284-6010
  • VerdaTech Energy Management & Consulting – (403) 251-0683 / 1-(866)-241-6804

Please be aware of other companies not listed above, who may be soliciting their services. If in doubt, please check with the Sustainability Coordinator, prior to having the company to complete the audit for you.  Should you be a Service Organization and would like to be added to the list, please contact the Sustainability Coordinator



The application process modifications:

Instead of basing the rebate on the date in which the Town receives the invoice for the completed audit and audit report, we will now require only the invoice for a complete audit.  This slight modification eliminates the urgency for the service organizations to complete the reports quickly, making it easier for our residents to submit their application on a first come, first served basis.  Residents' number in line is secured upon their application submission to the Town, who will provide their number in line back via email. Rebates will not be issued until the PDF report is submitted to

Here is an example: 

Joe, Donna, and George had their homes audited on the 14th of the month.   Joe pays the service organization, receives an invoice and applies for the rebate online that same night.  Donna applies on the 17th, and George on the 25th.  Tina had her audit completed on the 16th and submitted her application on the 18th. 

Joe was granted $300 as he had his application in on the 14th and qualified as #8.  Donna qualified as #9, Tina as #10 will also receive a rebate cheque of $300 each.  George came in 11th, and will qualify for a $250 rebate as his application was not received until after Tina's and the first refund bracket had already been depleted. 


Want to try to do this audit yourself?

Feedback from our first resident who used an Energy Advisor

Take a look at what one of our residents had to say about her experience with having her home audited professionally by an Energy Advisor.

Where did you find your Energy Advisor?

I found my Advisor by visiting the NRCan website.  They have a list of certified auditors in the Calgary area.

How long did it take for the overall audit to be conducted?

The audit took two hours.

What was the cost?

The cost of the audit was $350 plus tax.

How much do you think you will save from the suggestions made by the Energy Advisor?

I will definitely save a bit of money monthly, from the small fixes that were recommended to make, but the largest savings will come from what he told me I didn't have to do.  For example, it was nice to hear that my windows and front door, though older, were good enough and that replacing them wouldn't have the cost-benefit that I thought it might.  He saved me from unnecessarily spending thousands of dollars.

Were you surprised by some of the tests that were conducted to find where energy savings could be had?

Not so much surprised, but intrigued.  The reverse blower test was interesting to watch and revealed air leaks in the house that I didn't know existed.

What was your main takeaway from having the Energy Audit done?

The main takeaway was that there are so many small and inexpensive adjustments a person can make in a home to make it more energy efficient.  Being energy efficient is not always about replacing window or a furnace.  In this economic climate, the small inexpensive fixes to save money are what I was looking for.

Would you recommend having an energy audit done?

Yes!  I had borrowed the DIY Energy Home Audit Kit from the Town and it was great, but somewhat complex to use.  Having a professional do the audit was definitely more beneficial.

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