Rebates, Programs & Events

Throughout the year, the Town of Okotoks provides several different community education programs, events and conservation based incentive programs. Through these combined education and outreach initiatives, the Town and community endeavors to be an environmental leader.

Environmental Events
Green Building Incentive Program

In 2010, the Town of Okotoks  launched an incentive / rebate program for the construction of environmentally sustainable buildings. The incentive program is based on a percentage return to project’s building permit fee when specific levels of LEED® Certification are achieved. 

Learn more about the Town's LEED® Certification Program

Water Conservation Rebate Program

xeriscaping, mulch
The program runs from May 1 to Dec 31 until funds are depleted. view page

Energy Conservation Rebate Pilot Program

Energy Efficiency Rebate Program
Program runs Oct 5-Dec 31 or until funds are depleted. view page

Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audit Kit

Check out our Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audit Kits! view page

Building Incentive Program

Southridge Emergency Services Building
LEED® Certification Incentive Program view page

Conservation Educators

Our summer student Conservation Educator Program is award winning! view page

Environmental Events

Canada Day
See what is happening in 2016! view page

Water Wagon

water wagon
Water Wagon, promotes the consumption of high quality cool drinking water fresh from the tap! view page