Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audit Kit

We live in a very resilient and adept community with many residents that would like to tackle a home energy audit themselves. To accommodate these skilled Do-It-Yourselfers, we have put together a Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audit Kit with the tools and basic instructions to provide enough information on how to conduct a basic home energy audit by yourself. The kits are available at the Okotoks Municipal Centre for a 7-day loan free of charge.   One piece of ID, your utility account number and a credit card are required to borrow the kits.

The Town would like to emphasize that although some important information and understanding of your home will be provided by the kit, the intention is not to exclude or replace the skills of a certified professional home energy advisor who will be able to provide a much deeper analysis of your home’s energy consumption, problem areas and a report of recommendations for improvements.

In the spirit of reduce, reuse and recycle, the Town of Okotoks is collaborating with the cities of Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA to a offer  Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audit booklet for our residents to use.  Additional information and instruction on the equipment can be found in the Related Links (located on the right side of the page).

Please use the calendar below to schedule a time to borrow the DIY Home Energy Audit Kit.

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