Otterbein Park Upgrade

The Town is pleased to inform you of playground improvements planned for Otterbein Park, 38 Westland Road, in keeping with the Town of Okotoks strategic direction for providing quality community infrastructure and facilitating a healthy and safe community. 

The new equipment has been purchased! See below for a picture. Installation is planned to commence July 15, 2015.


An in-park information session was held on Wednesday, March 18 at 7pm. Thank you so much to everyone who came out. It was a great evening and the Town is grateful for the feedback that was provided. 

The Town purchased playground equipment that is in line with what was expressed at the information session. The safety surface gravel will be removed, and new safety surface gravel will be provided.  An additional planting of two coniferous trees and three shrubs has been planted in the park at the north end and the Town will look into the possibility of a staggered gate at the north end.

Information Session Summary

The purpose of the information session was to discuss with the adjacent community the proposed improvements to the park/play equipment upgrades, plantings, and receive feedback on the type of equipment desired with the playground.

The information session was advertised in the Western Wheel and a door to door letter drop was delivered to residents in close proximity to the park.

A total of five attendees came out, three from the immediate residential community, one member from the Okotoks Evangelical Free Church and one representative from Avalon Master Builder along with Town Parks and Communications Town of Okotoks staff.  The project was discussed with all attendees and presentation materials were displayed. Feedback was provided using a ‘dotmocracy’ approach (see attached pictures). Attendees were asked to put stickers (green = first choice; yellow = second choice; red= third choice). Green dots were also used to identify where additional landscaping/trees was requested on a second board. Attendees also provided comments in writing. The following is a summary of the feedback received.

Playground Equipment: There is support for replacement of the existing equipment with equipment suitable for ages 5-12, with bright colours and possibly a tire swing with different play value than other playgrounds in the neighborhood. The teeter totters were not strongly supported to remain.

Landscaping: Additional trees were requested throughout the park.

Site Furnishings: A staggered gate was requested at the north end of the park to slow down pedestrians and bicycles from entering the lane for safety purposes. Additional site furnishings such as benches, picnic tables, dog bag dispenser and signage were desired. The Town will be installing a wood post and cable fence at the south property line of the park.

For more information, contact Parks at or 403-938-8958.