Veterans Way Pedestrian Corridor Upgrades

March 8, 2017

Vision of enhanced pedestrian corridor moving one step closer to reality

The Town of Okotoks will be completing Phase B of the Veterans Way pedestrian corridor upgrades with the installation of wider sidewalks on the east side of the street and a multi-use pathway on the west side.  This expanded pedestrian corridor reflects the concept citizens indicated they preferred during public open houses held in 2014 and 2015.

The project will include improved landscaping that reflects the project goal of safe downtown connections while maintaining the Town’s focus on active transportation, sustainability practices and increasing the diversity of the community’s urban forest. 

While some of the existing poplar trees will need to be removed to accommodate the sidewalk and multi-use pathway, they will be replaced by a variety of trees, flowering shrubs, perennials and ornamental grasses, which will visually enhance Veterans Way throughout the year.  The powerlines along the east side will be relocated underground so they will not be impacted when the new trees reach maturity thus eliminating the need for extensive pruning.

Due to the poplar’s short life expectancy and aggressive roots, the Town has been replacing them in new streetscapes with alternate species such as Green Ash, Burr Oak, and American Elm. Beginning the week of March 13, a contractor for the Town will be removing these poplars before the bird nesting season. The work will be undertaken during normal working hours to minimize disruption to nearby residents and will take approximately three weeks to complete.

The new landscaping and improved cycling and pedestrian corridor will emphasize Veterans Way as a gateway to the downtown, compliment the Veterans Memorial planned for the retaining wall and serve as an important connector to the future development planned for the northern part of Okotoks.

The following  artist's renderings provides a vision of what the street will be like when the new landscaping has matured:

More information about the project is available by clicking the link below:

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