Veterans Way Construction Update

May 16, 2017

The Town is currently adjusting the curb line for the median on Milligan Drive to allow right turns onto Veterans Way (see design below). Once this is done, the exit lane off of Milligan Drive can be closed permanently without impacting traffic at all.

To complete this work, the left turn for westbound traffic on Milligan Drive will be closed on an as-needed basis for approximately the next week, weather permitting.  This will only impact left turns onto Veterans Way for those on westbound Milligan Drive.

There is detour signage in place to direct traffic through Okotoks Drive to get onto Veterans Way while the left turn lane is closed off of Milligan Drive. The closure is intermittent, so detours aren’t required at all times.

Veterans Way Pedestrian Corridor Upgrade Project
Construction on Veterans Way resumed on April 17, 2017. Whenever possible, the Town will endeavour to minimize the impact to traffic. Temporary traffic controls will be implemented by the contractor as required; drivers should expect delays. For additional project information, please refer to the information below.

Veterans Way Pedestrian Corridor (Milligan Drive to Mountain Street) improvements include:

  • wider sidewalks on the east side of the street
  • a multi-use pathway on the west side of the street. 
  • replacing aging poplar trees with alternate species such as Green Ash, Burr Oak, and American Elm as well as a variety of flowering shrubs, perennials and ornamental grasses, which will visually enhance Veterans Way throughout the year.  
  • relocating power lines along the east side of the street underground so they will not be impacted when the new trees reach maturity.

These upgrades reflect the concept residents preferred during public open houses held in 2014 and 2015 and, when finished, will reflect the project goal of creating safe downtown connections while maintaining the Town’s focus on active transportation, sustainability practices and emphasizing Veterans Way as a gateway to the downtown.  A Veterans Memorial is planned for the retaining wall and will serve as an important connector to the future development planned for the northern part of Okotoks.

Artist  Renderings 
A vision of what the pedestrian corridor will be like when it is completed and the landscaping has reached maturity: 

More information about the project is available by clicking the link below:

Construction Projects