• Town Council

Council Highlights

June 12, 2017

Council Meeting Highlights are provided for the benefit of residents with the intent of providing a short, informal report on what occurred during the Council meetings.  For the official record, please refer to the Adopted Minutes, available on the Town website (okotoks.ca). 

Elder Abuse Awareness Day – Council declared June 15, 2017 as Elder Abuse Awareness Day in Okotoks.

Natural High Charity Triathlon Request for Route Change – Council approved a route change for the 2017 Natural High Triathlon.

2017 Capital Budget Amendment – Water Treatment Plant Footbridge – Approval was given for a 2017 Capital Budget amendment of $182,400, to cover the Water Treatment Plant Footbridge.

2017 First Quarter Operating Variance Report –Council received the First Quarter Operating Revenue and Expenditure Variance Summary and the 2016 First Quarter Operating Results as information.

Appointment of External Auditor – Direction was given to Administration to draft a Request for Proposal seeking an external auditor and present it to the Finance and Budget Committee.

Bylaw 22-17 – Amendment to the Committees Bylaw – Bylaw 22-17 to amend Schedule 6 (Committees Bylaw) authorizing the Finance and Budget Committee to provide support in the selection of the external auditor was passed.

Bylaw 21-17- Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Bylaw – Bylaw 21-17 establishing the position of the Chief Administrative Officer within the Town of Okotoks was passed.

Bylaw 07-17- Taxation of Annexed Properties – Bylaw 07-17 to establish the same rates of taxation as the MD for previously annexed properties was passed.

Bylaw 18-17 – Wind Walk Area Structure Plan – Bylaw 18-17 outlining the Area Structure Plan for the proposed Wind Walk development was given first reading and a public hearing for this Bylaw will be held June 26, 2017.

Bylaw 20-17 – Land Use Bylaw Amendment – Bylaw 20-17 to add Neighbourhood Commercial and Mixed Use Low Density to Land Use Bylaw 40-98, was given first reading and a public hearing for this Bylaw will be held June 26, 2017.

Bylaw 19-17 – Land Use Bylaw Amendment – Consideration of first reading of Bylaw 19-17 was postponed to the June 26, 2017 Council meeting.