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Bulk Water Station

Bulk Water Station Closure Update

NOTE: The Town of Okotoks bulk water station is open over the weekend of July 29 through August 1. The bulk water station will re-close temporarily on Tue, August 2 and...learn more

Road Maintenance Underway

Please be aware that roadway crack filling and line painting is now underway.   Motorists are strongly encouraged to reduce speed, watch for signage and use...learn more

Cimarron Traffic Calming Recommendations

The Town of Okotoks engaged Associated Engineering to lead a study related to the issues and concerns around traffic calming in the Cimarron Community. We are nearly done...learn more

Town of Okotoks Water Conservation and...

The Town of Okotoks is working with EPCOR and Corix Water Products to implement a Water Conservation and Leak Detection Program. The program will continue to update or...learn more

Well 14 Drilling Project

As a part of securing a reliable water supply, the Town of Okotoks, in conjunction with EPCOR, is drilling an additional raw water well southwest of the Okotkos Public...learn more
Pason Centennial Arena Expansion Conceptual Drawing

Pason Centennial Arena Expansion...

Residents are invited to attend this open house for an opportunity to see the conceptual drawings and learn more about the Pason Centennial Arena expansion...learn more

Stay off the tracks

A message from the Director of Government Affairs at Canadian Pacific has issued a reminder to parents to inform their children/teenagers to stay off the tracks....learn more

Well 1D Rehabilitation Project

As part replacing well capacity lost through flooding, Well 1D, located south of the Sheep River between the Laurie Boyd pedestrian bridge and the Lion’s Campground, will be...learn more
Town Council

Council Highlights

Council Meeting Highlights are provided for the benefit of residents with the intent of providing a short, informal report on what occurred at Council meetings.  For the...learn more