Economic Development Plan

The Together: We Can 2016 - 2020 Strategic Economic Develop Plan is a road map to provide direction and was created in collaboration with the Okotoks Economic Development Committee.  The plan will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure Okotoks is on course with the goals, objectives and actions. This Plan is a living document adapting to the ever changing economic environment, proactively reacting to opportunities as they arise and always keeping the bigger corporate and community vision in mind, the Plan was recently approved by Town Council. 

The Together: We Can 2016-2020 Strategic Economic Development Plan is focused on:

  • Providing a platform to move forward the Big Hairy Audacious Goals;
  • Providing a vision for the delivery of economic development services;
  • Identifying the core business areas for Okotoks Economic Development;
  • Guiding the economic development actions and performance metrics.

The Plan will be used to inform residents, businesses and elected officials on the challenges and opportunities facing the Town of Okotoks in the years ahead as well as the various actions required to ensure we remain competitive. This includes opportunities to:

  • Attract and retain business investment;
  • Increase employment;
  • Grow the municipal tax base;
  • Improve government processes; and
  • Enhance capacity for community development

It is available for download by clicking the pdf located at the top right of this page. Please note that additional minor changes to the Strategic Plan will be made in early 2016.

Okotoks Municipal Centre & Council Chambers