Join us for Art on the Lawn this Summer!
Art on the Lawn
join us every Thursday night this summer (rain or shine) for art and live music on the front lawn...
New Okotoks Visitor & Activities Guide!
The Town of Okotoks’ Economic Development Services has produced a new, high quality tourism...
Be a part of the biggest Foodie Festival in Okotoks this summer
Taste of Okotoks
Taste of Okotoks ​Low Cost, Big Reward Showcase your restaurant and your menu at an event that...
2014 Town of Okotoks Community Report
The Town of Okotoks is pleased to share with you the 2014 Community Report. For our residents, this...
Roger Brooks International Assessment Report
Placeholder - need actual image
Roger Brooks International has provided Okotoks Economic Development with a final assessment report...
Reminder: Playground Zone Time Change
Playground Zone
As of Jan.1, 2015, the hours of a playground zone within the Town of Okotoks will be from 7:30am to...
National Year of Sport Exhibit
Jul 1, 2015 to Aug 31, 2015
Canada Day Multi-Cultural Celebrations
Jul 1, 2015
Canada Day Festival - Child with Face painted
Community Event Okotoks Recreation Centre Mark Doherty, Community Events Coordinator 403-938-8950
110th Running of the Millarville Races
Jul 1, 2015
Placeholder - need actual image
Sporting Event Millarville Racing and Agricultural Society Kelly Dinning (403)-931-3411
Preschool Oral Health Clinics
Jul 4, 2015
Placeholder - need actual image
Community Event Okotoks Health and Wellness Centre Okotoks Health and Wellness Centre 403-995-2662
Okotoks Heritage Walking Tours
Jul 4, 2015
Okotoks Heritage Walking Tour - Old Building
Museum Event Okotoks Museum & Archives Okotoks Museum & Archives (403)-938-8969
Art on the Lawn
Jul 9, 2015
Okotoks Art Gallery
Okotoks Art Gallery
Okotoks Art Gallery
Sun: 12:00 pm-5:00 pm
Mon-Sat: 10:00 am-5:00 pm
Okotoks Museum & Archives
Okotoks Museum & Archives
Okotoks Museum & Archives
Sun: 12:00 pm-5:00 pm
Mon-Sat: 10:00 am-5:00 pm
Okotoks Public Library
Okotoks Public Library
Okotoks Public Library
Sun: 10:00 am-5:00 pm
Mon-Thu: 9:30 am-8:30 pm
Fri-Sat: 10:00 am-5:00 pm
Rotary Performing Arts Centre
Rotary Performing Arts Centre
Rotary Performing Arts Centre
Visitor Information Centre
Okotoks Art Gallery
Visitor Information Centre
Sun-Mon: Closed
Tue-Sat: 10:00 am-5:00 pm

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  Special Instructions

To report injured wildlife, please contact Alberta Fish and Wildlife at 403-652-8330.

  Special Instructions

Please contact Municipal Enforcement at 403-938-8913 to report this issue immediately. In case of injury or immediate danger, please call 911.

  Special Instructions

Please contact FORTIS ALBERTA at 310-WIRE (9473) or 1-855-333-9473 to report an outage or electrical emergency immediately. In case of injury or immediate danger, please call 911.

  Special Instructions

FORTIS Alberta manages maintenance of Town street lights. To report a burnt out or malfunctioning street light, please call FORTIS directly at 310-WIRE (9473) or 1-855-333-9473 or fill in an online service request.

  Special Instructions

Please contact EPCOR at 403-938-1230 to report this issue immediately. In case of injury or immediate danger, please call 911.

  Special Instructions

If you believe this to be a traffic or safety hazard or if you are reporting this outside regular business hours please contact Municipal Enforcement immediately at 403-995-6400.

  Special Instructions

The utility box is the grey or green metallic stand-alone structure that is often found in residential areas, and maintains cable, telephone or power service. The company to call about problems can be found on the box itself. It could be one of either:

Fortis  |  Shaw  |  Telus

  Special Instructions

Please contact EPCOR at 403-938-1230 to report this issue immediately.

  Special Instructions

Please contact EPCOR at 403-938-1230 to report this issue immediately.

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  • Aerial Map Okotoks Crystal Shores


Welcome to the Town of Okotoks map links page.  This page will act as the focal point for all currently available public access maps pertaining to the town. The maps currently available are listed below.

There is no plug-in required for the eMaps, all that is required is internet access. The rest of the maps are in Adobe pdf format, and are read in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Click here to download a free copy of this reader. 

​GIS & Mapping Inquiries

Phone (403) 938-8962 (403) 938-8931 or Email us

eMaps (browser format)

This section features two interactive web maps of the town. The first is a parcel map and the second is a photo map. These maps will enable the viewer to access much more information than what would be possible on a static map.

Address, Legal and Land Use Maps (pdf format)

This section features a suite of three detailed maps of the town - address, land use, and legal. In order to make navigation a little easier, twenty bookmarks have been embedded on the left hand side of each map - corresponding to each neighbourhood. Just click on the "bookmarks" tag to enable the viewer. From here, just click on your bookmark of interest and you will be automatically taken to that location. Plots can be made using the canned Graphics Select Tool found in Acrobat Reader.
The following maps are very large and take approximately two minutes to load with high-speed internet on your computer. Please be patient and sorry for any inconvenience.

Operations Maps (pdf format)
Town Of Okotoks Visitor Map

Products & Services

Digital Map Pricing

Specific Requests

  • Aerial Survey Data* - $500 Entire Orthophoto
  • Digital Colour Orthophoto* - $500 Entire Orthophoto
  • Legal Survey Fabric* - $520 Entire Data Set
  • Deep Utility Information* - $520 Entire Date Set
  • CD-ROM Media Charge for Data - $10 per CD
  • DVD Media Charge for Data - $15 per DVD
  • PDF File Generation - $20 per File

*Minimum charge $100 
Please note all of the above figures do not include GST

Hard Copy Map Pricing

Black and White Maps of Okotoks (Address, Legal, or Land Use) are available for commercial sale at the Municipal Centre. These maps cost $10 CDN each. For more specific mapping requests, please see below.

Hard Copy Map Pricing - Specific Requests

  • Black-Line Plot A1 $20
  • Black-Line Plot A0 $30
  • Colour Plot A0 $60
  • Colour Airphoto A0 $100

Map Size specifics are as follows: An AO sheet size measures 36" by 48" inches, while an A1 sheet size measures 22" by 34" inches.

* Please note that the cost of each map type can also be prorated according to size. However, a minimum charge applies to each.
* All of the above figures do not include GST

Mapping Site Terms of Use

The information displayed on these web pages is provided as a public service by the Town of Okotoks on the following terms and conditions:

As an 'as is' basis. The Town of Okotoks resumes no obligation or liability for the use of our maps by any person and makes no representations or promises regarding the completeness, accuracy, correctness or timeliness of the information contained herein. The information provided through the Town of Okotoks is for general reference purposes only and should never be relied upon to make any commitments, whether financial or otherwise.
All right, title and interest (including all copyright, patent and other intellectual property rights) remain vested in the Town of Okotoks. The original copyright and other proprietary notices must remain intact at all times.
The website maps are intended for the User's own internal business and personal purpose and may not re-sell, sublicense, or operate a service bureau using the maps, or otherwise reproduce, publish or disseminate the maps or the information contained herein for commercial purposes, without the prior written consent of the Town of Okotoks.
Where a conflict arises between the Town of Okotoks and any other information contained in the records or documents of the Town of Okotoks or that may be prepared by or delivered to the town of Okotoks, the Town of Okotoks reserves the right to decide which is considered to be the most accurate and complete.

Availability of the Town of Okotoks is not guaranteed. Computer applications, servers and network connections may be unavailable at anytime for maintenance or unscheduled outages. Outages may be of long duration - do not depend on this service for critical needs.

The foregoing warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties of merchantability, fitness for particular purpose, and/or any other warranty of another type whether expressed or implied. In no event, is the Town of Okotoks liable to users, or any other party, for any loss or direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages; including but not limited to time, money or goodwill, arising from the use or modification of the information provided herein.

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