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Open Spaces Frequently Asked Questions

Open Spaces FAQs

Animal Related

Q. Where are dogs allowed off leash?

A. The only place dogs are allowed off leash is at the Off Leash Park south of the Drake Landing Storm Pond. Check out the Off Leash Dog Park webpage online for a map on how to get to the park. Dogs are not permitted off leash in natural areas or the River Valley. Dogs are not allowed on school grounds.

Q. What do I do if I find a dog “at large?”

A. If you are unsure of the owner, call Municipal Enforcement at 403-938-8913. If the dog is vicious, call RCMP at 9-1-1 if an emergency or 403-938-4202.

Q. What do I do if I come across a wild animal?

A. If the animal is vicious, call Fish & Wildlife at 403-652-8330. On public lands, if the animal is non-vicious or a pest species, inform Open Spaces by calling 403-938-8958. Pests on private property are the responsibility of the property owner.

Q. Will there be gopher control provided in the park behind my home?

A. Call the Open Spaces main line at 403-938-8958 to find out if this area is already on the list.


Q. Why isn't the pathway cleared for snow near my house?

A. Okotoks Town Council has determined that only primary pathways will receive snow clearing as part of an overall pathway strategy to improve pedestrian movement year round. To view the snow clearing map click here.

Q. Who is responsible for the boulevard maintenance adjacent my property?

A. The owner/occupant adjacent the boulevard is responsible for the turf maintenance and snow removal on sidewalks. The Town maintains the boulevard trees (ie. Pruning, watering, pest control, etc.). If you believe the tree requires maintenance, please call the Town's Urban Forester at 403-938-8958.

Q. Who maintains the public lands near my home?

A. The lands are either maintained by the Town or the developer in the case of new communities. If you have a question/concern about the maintenance, call Open Spaces at 403-938-8958 or the developer in your community.

Q. How can I organize a group litter pick, weed pick, or other volunteer event in my area?

A. Call the Horticulture Hotline at 403-938-8031 for help in organizing your event.


Q.Would the Town have taken my sign that I had placed on the boulevard?

A.Yes. Signs are not permitted on boulevards and medians as per the Town's guidelines for signs on public property.

Q. Can I access the park with a vehicle to deliver something to my backyard?

A. Yes, but you must fill out the Open Spaces Rights of Way Access Permit form (117 KB) Adobe or by calling 403-938-8958. Please call at least two business days in advance. There is no charge for a permit for residents, but there is a charge for contractors.

Q. Can residents plant flowers, trees, and shrubs in the park area or boulevard adjacent their home?

A. No. Residents should not do this, but rather call the Horticulture Hotline to inquire about volunteer tree planting events.

Q. How do I inquire about Cemetery plot availability and rates?

A. Visit the Cemetery page on this website by selecting Residents, Parks, and Cemetery or call the Cemetery Administrator at 403-938-8958.

Q. Do I need to book a sports field before I use it?

A. Yes. Sports fields must be booked for two reasons. You must book it to ensure your group gets it for the desired time. Also, to protect field integrity, there are maximum daily hours of use and consecutive days of use for field bookings. By booking fields, you help protect the quality of our fields.

Q. Does the Town have any outdoor ice rinks for public use?

A. Yes, there are five outdoor ice rinks. They are located as follows: Okotoks Recreation Centre (99 Okotoks Drive), Centennial Arena (204 Community Way), Ardiel Park (20 Ardiel Drive), Cedar Grove Park (103 Lock Crescent), and Westridge Close Park.

Q. Is there a community garden in Okotoks?

A. Yes. Call the Horticulture Hotline at 403-938-8031 to find out more.