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Committees & Appointments

There are 18 committees of Council representing various civic interests and mandates. These committees are an important part of the good governance of our community and contribute to the prosperity and sustainability of Okotoks. Appointments commence upon approval by Council. Terms range from one to three years; youth positions are for one year (school term).  

To apply for a Board or Committee please complete the applicable application below:

Current Boards & Committees

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board: 6 citizens, 2 Council Members
Addresses appeals against certain land use and development application decisions of the Development Officer or MPC.

Municipal Planning Commission: 5 citizens, 2 Council Members
Reviews and approves applications for Development Permits and Subdivision.

Okotoks Library Board: 10 citizens, 1 Council Member
The Board manages, regulates, and controls the municipal library.

Economic Development Committee: 6 citizens, 2 Council Members, 1 Chamber Reps
It's mission is to "promote a climate for diversified economic development that sustains and fosters the creation of wealth, providing stable employment and favourable tax base, while maintaining the quality of life for all residents."

Family Community Support Services Advisory Committee: 6 citizens, 1 Council Member
Guides Administration in the design and delivery of programs that promote well being among individuals, families, and the community. Grants funds to organizations that comply with criteria to achieve these ends.

Okotoks Public Safety & Security Committee: 5 citizens, 2 Council Members
Assists the RCMP on matters relating to community safety and well being. Oversees RCMP Police Agreement and represents the interests of Council and the public to the Detachment Commander. publicsafety@okotoks.ca

Assessment Review Board: 5 citizens
Reviews appeals registered by Okotoks residents against their annual assessment (the foundation for the establishment of taxes owing).

Emergency Services Management & Practices Ad Hoc Committee: 1 Council Member

Council Appointees Protocol Committee: 3 Council Members
Plans and stages events, ceremonies and special occasions held by the Town, preserves mementos, oversees Council Chambers, and establishes protocol procedures.

Names Advisory Committee: 3 Council Members
Recommends to Council the adoption of specific names for roads, bridges, new residential neighbourhoods, buildings.

Finance and Budget Committee: 3 Council Members
Assists Administration with development and implementation of annual operating and capital budgets. Reviews and makes recommendations on current and long range fiscal planning for the Town, including any general financial and budget items or issues that Council wishes to be reviewed by the Committee.

Okotoks River Valley Committee:7 Okotoks citizens, 1 Okotoks Council Representative
The purpose of the Okotoks River Valley Committee (RVC) is to monitor and support implementation of the River Valley Management Plan as periodically updated and approved by Okotoks Town Council.

Okotoks and District Culture, Parks and Recreation Committee: 3 Okotoks citizens, 2 MD Citizens, 1 Okotoks Council Representative, 1 School Division Representative, 1 Okotoks Arts Council Representative, 1 MD Council Representative
The purpose of this joint Okotoks/MD of Foothills Committee is to advise Council on matters relating to recreation, parks and culture within the Town. The MD of Foothills is involved because of an existing recreation operating cost-sharing agreement for the provision of curling, swimming and ice arena services to residents of the rural municipality.

Post-Secondary Committee: 4 Okotoks citizens; 2 Okotoks Council representatives, 1 Economic Development Committee representative, 1 Bow Valley College representative; 1 Foothills School Division representative, 1 Christ the Redeemer School Division representative, 1 member of M.D. of Foothills.
Works with various partners, stakeholders, school boards and community groups to develop and enhance an environment for additional post secondary programs within the community.