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Procedures for Delegations to Present to Council

Question Period

Anyone wishing to speak to or ask a question of Council shall be permitted to speak during a Regular Council Meeting at the Delegation / Question Period portion of the Agenda, which occurs at approximately 3:00 p.m., or 6 p.m. by prior arrangement through the Municipal Secretary, or as otherwise agreed by Council, under the following guidelines:

(a) person's name and subject matter to be provided to the Municipal Secretary in advance of the meeting or listed on the form provided in the Council Chamber prior to 3:00 p.m.;

(b) the subject is to be in the form of a question, and the question is to be presented in five (5) minutes or less, unless otherwise approved by 2/3 vote of all Councillors;

(c) Councillors may ask questions of the presenter with regard to the subject only;

(d) a Councillor or Administration may verbally answer the question during the question period if possible;

(e) if an immediate answer is not available, the person will be given a reply through Administration or as Council may determine, as soon as available.


(a) A person wishing to make representations directly to Council shall so advise the Municipal Secretary in writing not less than five days prior to the Council meeting date. Instructions to have a written submission of the presentation included in the Council Agenda Package can be obtained from the Municipal Secretary.

(b) At the place in the Agenda for the hearing of delegations, the Chair shall call each item in order as it is listed on the agenda.

(c) A member of Administration may introduce items.

(d) After delegations have been heard, Council may question the Administration and Council shall then proceed to deal with the matter.

(e) No person shall address Council upon any matter for more than five minutes, exclusive of the time required to answer the questions put by Council.

(f) In questioning delegations, Councillors will ask only those questions which are relevant to the subject of the hearing and will avoid repetition. Delegations speaking to the subject will be restricted to the subject matter only.
*Please note that public input, feedback or presentations to Council in the form of letters, emails, or in person may become a public record, such as publishing in a Council Agenda Package that is also posted on the Town of Okotoks website for public viewing.