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Town of Okotoks Annual Parade

Parade Day - June 21, 2014!
Bring the whole family out for a full day of entertainment and activities at the Town of Okotoks Annual Parade Day. The parade starts at 11am.
The Childrens' Fesitval kicks off directly after the parade, from 12 noon to 4pm. The festival includes crafts, games, a $1 concession and live entertainment. Enjoy entertainment from well-known family entertainers, including Will Stroet - an award-winning bilingual musician and educator; and HOJA, a Canadian a cappella group who performs with energetic choreography, great vocals, audience participation and comdey! learn more about all that is happening at the Children's Festival herePlease note: no dogs or pets will be permitted into the Children's Festival, for the safety and enjoyment of all participants.
Loads of activities are planned throughout the day, all day!
How to Enter a Float into the Parade
2014 Parade Theme: "Friendly Big Town"
Commercial Float Entry is $35.00; all other entries are no charge.
All entrants are responsible for ensuring that the DESGIN AND OPERATION OF THEIR ENTRY IS SAFE AND RELIABLE. Your completed, signed Application Form is your ACCEPTANCE on behalf of your entry and all of your entry's participants of these Okotoks Annual Parade Rules and Regulations.
FOR SAFETY REASONS: (Safety is our first priority – yours and our spectators!)
  • Float entry must be fully decorated with a railing around the perimeter of the float deck. Such railings must be of solid construction with top and intermediate rails. The top rail shall be a minimum of 36”.
  • All entries are prohibited from throwing candy or distributing materials from float, vehicle or trailer. Any candy or other materials must be distributed by walkers surrounding the entry.
  • For safety reasons, participants shall not mount/dismount from entries unless the entry has come to a complete stop.
Staging Area and Float Positions
The Parade Committee determines location of all entries in the parade and the entry must maintain that position throughout the parade unless otherwise directed by a Parade Official or Parade Marshal.
A Parade line up map will be available for pick up at the Okotoks Recreation Centre, 99 Okotoks Drive or at the information booth across from Fountain Tire (on the east side of Lube Town) on Parade Day. Look for the tent with the Okotoks flag - this will be where you pick up pare float numbering and placement information!

The following revisions have been made to our parade staging areas in order to reduce the impact of road closures off Stockton Ave.
  • Horse Entries: will have a new staging area in the Southland Bus Depot at 177 Stockton Point. (Stockton Point is the first left off Stockton Ave). Horse entries will exit out of the south exit of the bus depot beside Fountain Tire.
  • Band Entries: All entries that need to assemble will stage on Crystal Ridge Drive.
  • All other parade entries that require no set up: meet at the information tent across the road from Fountain Tire on North Railway Street.
  • All entries will be assigned a number as to where they will be located in the parade line-up. This information will be emailed to all entries the week of June 16th. This will ensure the best possible visually appealing parade line-up.
  • Once entries have set up, then they will set up on North Railway in numerical sequence, according to assigned numbers. For example, the first 30 entries will be set up on North Railway and Poplar Ave (parade start position). Entries 30 and over will set up in sequence to the east of Crystal Ridge, along North Railway St.
For more information please contact events@okotoks.ca at 403-938-8950.
Parade History
Staff from the Okotoks Museum & Archives have researched the history of the Okotoks parade to find the beginnings by using Council minutes and other archived resources. It is determined that there was a post World War I parade in 1918 and a post World War II parade both of which were to celebrate the end of the wars as opposed to a parade with floats. In 1954, the Town had a parade day to celebrate the Town's 50 anniversary, and another in 1955 to celebrate the Province's 50 anniversary. The Okotoks Parade became an annual event in 1967*. (*date dertermined by Okotoks Museum & Archives.)
Check out the photo gallery of the 2013 Spirit of Okotoks Parade & Children's Festival!

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