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Land Use Bylaw

Want to Build a New Commercial Building?

The Land Use Bylaw is the more technical instrument used to implement the principles contained in the MDP. Most people who ever get annoyed with "rules and regulations" have had experience with this very well used but much needed document. Significantly re-written in 1998, the Bylaw regulates a range of development activity - new homes, signage, fences, decks, garages, and commercial and industrial activity. Land "uses" are assigned to each land parcel, and a set of regulations identified for each specific land use. For example, if Joe Homebuilder wanted to build a house, he would check the land use for the lot he likes – For Example: R1, and check the regulations to find a number of requirements related to foundation setbacks from front, side, and rear property lines, and maximum height and lot coverage permitted.

The Land Use Bylaw regulates change of land use (e.g., single family home to duplex) and placement of built objects in the urban environment. Permit applications are made for most new building activity, which is then issued a "Development Permit".

The Land Use Bylaw
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