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Area Structure & Redevelopment Plans

Want to develop/remodel some naked "bare" land?

Area Structure Plans and Area Redevelopment Plans are more obscure to the typical resident busy doing far more exciting things like watching weeds grow, but no less important planning documents that regulate new subdivisions and already built urban environments respectively. Area Structure Plans are a first stage of a planning process for developing a "raw" piece of land. General layout of a subdivision is indicated, as are transportation systems, parks, location of commercial activity, and development density. Following completion and adoption of an Area Structure Plan, a Developer then moves to create more specific Plans of Subdivision.
An Area Redevelopment Plan is typically used to revitalize downtown cores in many communities. In this Plan, regulations influence such diverse activities as signage, architectural character, transportation, parks, underground infrastructure, parking, and land use.
All plans are not written in stone, as our lengthy record of amendments will attest to. For a fee, anyone can apply to amend a statutory planning document that might be in conflict with proposed development plans. We have to warn you though - amendment applications are not always successful and are much less glitzy than reading the latest edition of Vogue.
Downloads of Area Structure Plans & Documents