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Horticultural Extension Resource Office
Phone: 938-8031 Fax: 938-2784
Email: horticulture@okotoks.ca

The Horticulture Hotline provides information and advice on landscape and gardening, water regulations, irrigation scheduling, water use reduction strategies and pest and disease diagnosis.

Call the Horticulture Hotline:
  1. For questions about our Water Conservation Regulations.
  2. To register for exemption from odd/even watering days for new sod watering.
  3. Tips for new sod care.
  4. Tips for new tree care.
  5. Find out more about Sustainable Okotoks
  6. Outdoor water conservation tips, ecoscaping (low water use plants) and alternatives to lawns and grass.
  7. About Integrated Pest Management for your lawn and garden.
  8. Helpful information about identifying insects, weeds and diseases that are causing you problems and how to maintain a healthy lawn and garden without pesticide compounds and chemical.
  9. How to safely select and use pesticides if you decide you need these products to control lawn and garden weeds, insects and fungal diseases.
Horticultural Blog Feature
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