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Okotoks Recycling Centre

100, 1118 North Railway Street
Contact Information
Phone:  403.938.2652
Fax:        403.938.2784
Hours of Operation



Monday - Saturday

9:00 am – 5:00 pm


12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Statutory Holidays CLOSED
24 Hour Drop–Off Bins
Drop-off bins are currently located on the west side of the Walmart parking lot in Okotoks. The bins are available 24 hours a day for mixed paper, newsprint and corrugated cardboard only. It is very important that these bins be used for only the products intended. All other recyclables are accepted at the Recycling Centre.

Clean, dry newspapers
·         packing paper
·         comics
·         all newsprint type flyers.
Office Paper
·         photocopy or tablet paper
·         any coloured bond paper or loose leaf
·         message note paper & fax paper
·         file folders & cards
·         ‘post it’ notes, bills & receipts
·         construction paper (even with kid’s art)
Mixed Paper
·         container labels
·         brown bags
·         all envelopes
·         blueprints & shredded paper
·         phone books
·         magazines ,shiny flyers & catalogues,
·         egg cartons & paper coffee cups (even waxed lined)
·         toilet paper and paper towel rolls
Corrugated Cardboard
·         including boxboard (cereal type boxes)
Clear and coloured glass
·         jars (clean with labels removed)
·         window glass
·         food cans (clean with labels removed) & pop cans
·         tin foil
·         jar lids and other small metal objects
Plastics accepted are marked with a recycling code and must have labels removed. Plastics will be sorted according to the # sign on the bottom of the container. All plastics marked with a recycling code are recyclable. A few specific examples are:
·         clear pop bottles
·         clear salad bottles
·         clear 4 litre water jugs
·         all other plastics marked #1
·         Milk bottles
·         clear vinegar jugs.
·         Windshield washer containers,
·         coloured shampoo bottles
·         all other plastics marked # 2
#3 PVC
·         All other shampoo bottles
·         clear dishwashing containers
·         all other plastics marked #3
·         bread and grocery bags
·         produce packaging
·         plastic cling wrap and film
#5 PP
·         peanut butter containers
·         plastic cutlery
·         caps and closures for bottles
·         all other plastics marked #5.
#6 PS
·         all plastics marked #6 or #7
Empty Motor Oil Containers
Paint & Aerosol Paints
Alkaline & Rechargeable Batteries
Printer & Toner Cartridges 
Electronics Waste - list of recyclable items and program details click here

The Recycling Centre provides several specialty recycling programs for used coffee pods so they do not end up in the landfill.  To see what is accepted, please click the pdf below.

No Polystyrene (styrofoam) Recycling Available
Polystyrene (styrofoam) must be placed in with your curbside garbage. Please do not place toxic chemicals or household hazardous waste in the recycling bins or in your curbside garbage, these items must be taken to the Fire Station for proper and safe disposal. The Okotoks Fire Station is no longer accepting paint as it is being collected at the Recycling Centre.
For additional Items you wish to recycle, please visit our What Can Be Recycled & Where? Page
Contact Alberta Recycle
For more information on recycling in Alberta, please call Alberta Recycle at 1.800.463.6326
Solar Power Generation
To view live data of how much electricity is being generated from the Recycling Centre's solar panels, click here
The Okotoks Recycling Centre is now accepting Tassimo products for recycling!

The Okotoks Recycling Centre is now accepting Tassimo products for recycling! As part of the Tassimo recycling program, used T-discs (grounds and all) and the outer foil packaging are accepted. The cardboard box can be recycled through our standard recycling program.  Please note: the Tassimo products are not part of the CurbIt blue cart recycling collection program.

Use a Keurig? K-cups can be separated, cleaned and recycled through the Town’s recycling program.  Please note: the used filter and grounds cannot be recycled.