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Water & Growth Decision 2012

The final decision was decided at the Regular Council Meeting on Sep 24.

At the September 24, 2012 Regular Meeting of Council, Town Council decided to direct Administration to begin preparing an annexation application to support a continuous growth model for Okotoks.
The finite growth model developed in 1998 estimated a build-out population of 25-30,000 people and Okotoks population is currently 24,962. Public consultation regarding long term growth options has been ongoing since late 2008 and has intensified over the last two years as growth pressures in close proximity to Okotoks boundaries have accelerated both in interest and densification. While public feedback has been mixed, the majority believes that growth is inevitable, solutions need to be found for future water supply, and that our quality of life and community values must be maintained.
Town Council believes that a continuous growth model is best for the community's interests in the long term. Additional water will be required to accommodate growth both in the short and long term. Okotoks enjoys many successful partnerships with our neighbors in the Foothills region and we will look to these neighbors first to garner their assistance in helping Okotoks find water solutions. The option of a Calgary pipeline will not be pursued at this time. Okotoks is proud of our reputation as an environmentally responsible community and we will continue to lobby the Province to consider new legislation that will allow for water conservation methods used in other countries such as use of grey water, rain water harvesting, etc. to be used in Okotoks. Okotoks will also work with the MD of Foothills to develop a long term growth plan for land development in proximity to Okotoks. “We have a long history of successful ventures with the MD of Foothills, including most recently the regional indoor field house, the tri-municipal industrial land development and the master shared services agreement,” stated Mayor Bill Robertson.
Okotoks is a very successful community with a high quality of life and this attracts others who want to be part of this. Okotoks' center is our pristine Sheep River Valley, along with extensive pathway systems, recreation and cultural amenities, quality schools, a wide variety of housing choices and actions that support environmental consciousness. We will build on this success and create a new plan that will provide for several decades of growth that future generations will be proud of and enjoy.
“Okotoks Town Council looks forward to working with Administration and the public to develop our plans for future development in Okotoks. We will remain a leader in sustainability, and manage growth in ways that retain our friendly, caring and safe community,” stated Mayor Bill Robertson.
To learn more or view all the information compiled, visit the 2012 Water & Growth Community Consultation page.