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Cimarron Drive Survey Results

Thank you for completing the online survey.  This matter was reviewed by Council at their November 14 Council meeting and the decision was postponed to the November 28 Council meeting.
TheTown of Okotoks Council encouraged motorists to participate in an online website survey to provide feedback on the preferred speed limit on Cimarron Drive.  The survey was available from October 24 - November 6, 2011 inclusive. The survey results were  compiled and brought back to Council for further consideration.
The following background information is also being provided for your reference:

Town Administration commissioned Bunt & Associates, transportation consultants, to review the resident's issues and concerns. A monitoring program and assessment was completed, including vehicle counts and speeds. Their report provided key recommendations including installing a signalized pedestrian crossing at Cimarron Blvd and Cimarron Park Circle, installing traffic signals at the intersection of Cimarron Blvd and Cimarron Common, and reducing the speed limit on Cimarron Blvd and Cimarron Dr to 40 kph (from 50 kph). The full report by Bunt and Associates has been provided below in pdf format.
Public Consultation (Bunt and Associates Report)  Traffic Monitoring Project Cimarron Boulevard Review (2 MB)  Adobe
The decision to post Cimarron Drive at 40 kph was made due to a number of factors identified by Bunt & Associates. With Cimarron Drive at 40 kph, the entire Cimarron and Woodhaven residential areas would be at 40 kph or less (note that when a street is posted with a stated speed limit, the speed limit applies to that street and all other connecting streets until otherwise posted.) As well, Cimarron Drive is crossed in two locations by major pathways and runs by two school zones. It was also noted that reducing the speed limit on Cimarron Blvd could result in an unintended change in traffic patterns (i.e. increased traffic to the area), as drivers may choose Cimarron Drive as their preferred route over Cimarron Blvd if it is perceived to be faster. Cimarron Drive has less capacity than Cimarron Blvd as it is designed to a different standard.
Through the above noted traffic monitoring program, it was determined that the average speed on Cimarron Blvd, was 45 kph in a posted 50 kph zone. The drop in the speed limit allows enforcement on those who choose to drive at substantially higher than posted speeds through residential areas. The Town has historically received many calls from concerned residents, regarding the speed of traffic in residential areas, who have lobbied for increased enforcement, reduced speed limits and traffic calming measures to increase safety.
At their July 18, 2011 meeting, Okotoks Town Council reviewed the transportation consultant's report and approved the recommendations, which included reducing the speed limit on Cimarron Dr. to 40 kph. This was implemented shortly thereafter.

At the September 26, 2011 meeting, Council received a petition from Cimarron residents who were disappointed with the lack of opportunity for public input on the Cimarron Drive speed limit change and requested consideration to change it back to 50 kph.

If you have any questions please contact Engineering Services at 403-938-8930.