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Cart It Automated Garbage Collection

Resource Recovery Services
100, 1118 North Railway Street

Cart It How To!
  1. Read this brochure for how to use your Garbage Cart Cart It Brochure (2 MB) Adobe
  2. Know your Garbage Day by reading this map Garbage & Recycling Collection Day Map (841 KB)  Adobe
  3. On a statutory holiday, your garbage/recycling carts will not be collected.  Leave them out for the next regular business day.
  4. Set out your cart for collection by 7 am and pull your empty cart back onto your property no later than 10 pm.
Identify your cart
Please write down your address on your cart with a permanent marker. This will help both you and the Town identify your cart if it ever goes missing or needs repairs.
Cart storage & cleaning
You are responsible for taking care of your cart and keeping it clean.
Garbage enclosures
Garbage will not be collected from enclosures. You may still store garbage and/or your garbage cart in enclosures between collection days, however all garbage must be placed within the cart and rolled out for pick-up.
Damaged or missing containers
If your cart is damaged or missing, call 403-938-8054.
Carts are the property of the Town of Okotoks and are assigned to residences rather than people. Please do not take your cart with you when you move. If you need a garbage cart at your new residence, call 403-938-8054.


How you place your garbage cart is important. Carts are collected by mechanical arms that need room to operate and proper placement minimizes the risk of damage to property.

Please follow these steps:

Fill It
Place your garbage in the cart and close the lid. The cart's lid must fully close. If your weekly garbage exceeds the capacity of the cart, purchase an official Town excess garbage bag(s) or subscribe to an additional garbage cart.

Park It

Place wheels against front curb or at least 30 cm (1 ft) from your back hedge or fence. Park it on flat ground at road or lane level and make sure you are not blocking traffic.

Point It

Point arrows on the lid toward the center of the road or lane.

Space It

If you have a second garbage cart or are using official excess garbage bags, place your carts or cart and bags a least 1m (3ft) apart.

Store It

Pull your empty garbage cart(s) back onto your property for storage as soon as possible on your collection day to avoid blocking traffic.

Cart Placement Reminders

  • Point lid arrows towards center of street or lane.
  • Don't face cart backwards.
  • Garbage that does not fit in your cart can be put in an official Town excess garbage bag and set beside your cart.
  • Don't leave material against or on top of cart.
  • Leave enough space on all sides of your cart.
  • Don't place cart too close to other objects including another cart.
  • Set cart out at edge of laneway or road.
  • Cart cannot block lane or road.
  • Place cart on even ground at road or lane level.
  • Don't place cart on slope, hill or raised platform.
  • Only garbage that is properly set out will be collected.
  • Carts will not be collected from enclosures.
Managing Household Waste
Several options are available to help your household manage its waste materials and keep your household's weekly garbage within one 120L garbage cart. click here

Bylaw 12-12

Garbage cart use is mandatory as per the Waste Bylaw 12-12 (897 KB) Adobe which was approved by Town Council on April 9, 2012. 

Residential Refuse Collection for one 120 litre cart is $9.00 per month. Additional charge for a second 120 litre cart is $9.00/month.  The charge for one 180 litre cart is $13.50 per month.

Additionally, Curbside Recycling (by subscription) is $8.45 per month.  A Recycling Facility Charge of $3.25 per month is an additional mandatory charge.

The Town of Okotoks would like to thank the City of Calgary and the Town of Cochrane for providing graphics and other resources for this program.

 Watch our video below to assist with your garbage cart placement!

Garbage Important Reminders

Way to Go! Lids Shut Tight!
Town of Okotoks residents are among the leaders in recycling efforts – and should be proud of their work to divert as much waste as possible from the landfills. The Town is always on the lookout to see how we can further increase waste diversion.
Cart Placement
Cart Placement
As a general reminder, we would like to advise our residents that when you place your refuse carts at the curb or in the back alley on your collection day to ensure that they are placed a minimum of 1 metre from any adjacent object.  Placing carts in this manner will make it easier for the arms on the automated trucks to grab the carts in a safe fashion.   As a general rule and when you place your cart out, if you can walk around it, then we can grab it. We thank you again for your continuing contributions and ongoing efforts towards making our automated collection programs the success they are today!
CArt good 
cart bad
Damaged Carts
Just a reminder that if your cart is damaged, please call 403-938-8054 (repairs are free).
Over Filled Carts
The Resource Recovery team would like to thank Okotoks residents for their continued efforts with keeping your refuse cart lids shut! We have observed a dramatic improvement community wide with your ongoing efforts in this regard.
non compliant garbage
Don’t forget, as per Bylaw 12-12, overfilled carts will not be collected.  When carts are overfilled, items often fall onto the street; this creates a mess and generates complaints about unsightly neighbourhoods. In addition, open lids can attract birds and animals. 
Overfilled carts will not be collected and it will be the homeowners responsibility to dispose of waste. Waste that is not picked up by the Town will have to be taken to the landfilland fees will apply.  It is the responsibility of the homeowner to make sure that waste materials are properly separated and prepared for collection in accordance with Bylaw 12-12. Ensuring that you have properly bagged your waste will help eliminate loose items from falling during collection.