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The Storm Water System

The storm sewer and drainage system consists of 30 km of main lines and 450 catch basins and manholes and is tied to the transportation network surface network. The Town has 8 main outfalls to the Sheep River from the storm sewer system (4 on the north, 4 on the south).
Storm Sewer Charge
The storm sewer budget has been converted to a utility funded program with a base rate of $1.77 charged bi-monthly per sanitary sewer rate account and a consumption rate of 1.77 m3 of water consumption.  This charge covers the costs of maintaining and repairing the Town's storm water collection, treatment and surface drainage systems. For more information please contact Operations at 403-938-4372.
The Water Utility Infrastructure:
  • We currently have 2 lift stations with a third coming on line over the next few months. The storm system has 57.7 kms of main lines and 810 catch basins, and 738 manholes. There are 9 main outfalls to the Sheep River; 5 north and 4 south. The existing water system consists of approximately 74.02 kms of water mains, 266 fire hydrants and 4578 water services accounts (50 sewer accounts only - not included). The total "utility accounts" is the same as sewer at 4,628. There are 5 Pressure Reducing Vaults, 2 Booster Stations with a third coming on line over the next two months, and 9 Shallow Wells.
  • one raw water receiving station for the west wellfield, one water treatment reservoir and filter facility and south Okotoks reservoir pump station ( 1.57 Million Imp Gals), one water treatment for CT reservoir - Zone 2 North - 1.56 million Imp. Gals, and one one storage reservoir - Zone 3 (1.5 million imp gals).
  • Water Conservation Schedule - the town encourages homeowners to reduce water consumption through various means including the odd/even watering days. 
  • Water Conservation Fixture Bylaw effective July 1, 2002 for new building construction. Effects, residential homes, commercial and industrial buildings.