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Okotoks Water Management

A Public-Private Partnership
In 2004, the Town of Okotoks initiated a unique partnership with Alberta water system industry leader EPCOR Water Services, who assumed responsibility for the Town's Potable Water System and state-of-the-art Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) Waste Water Treatment Plant.  EPCOR has assumed ongoing responsibility for Okotoks water and waste treatment system operations for the next twenty years.
Town of Okotoks Utility Billing
Phone: 403-938-8937 Fax: 403-938-7387
Email: utilitybilling@okotoks.ca
Epcor Water Services Site Manager
Phone: 403-938-1230 Fax: 403-938-5962
Website: http://www.epcor.ca/
Municipal Water Management
Municipal water sources, including those of the Town of Okotoks, are governed by or significantly influenced by:
  • Federal and Provincial Legislation.
  • Environmental impacts (droughts, floods, pollution and sediment control).
  • Responsible management of aquatic ecosystems regionally.
  • Protection of groundwater supplies.
  • Quality of sewage treatment.
  • Regional growth and development
Town of Okotoks Water Management Plan

In 2002, the Town of Okotoks developed an innovative Water Management Plan with bold water conservation targets at a time when many communities in Southern Alberta were not concerned about water quantities and there was a general public perception of water abundance. Okotoks found itself in a unique water supply situation in 2006, when the Alberta Government’s moratorium on new water licenses on the South Saskatchewan River Basin was established. At this time Okotoks was experiencing rapid population growth with a now even more constrained water supply.
At inception, the main objective of the Water Management Plan (WMP) was to provide a safe and reliable water supply to the residents, institutions and businesses of the community. To date, this plan has become much more than the provision of a safe and reliable water supply, but rather a fundamental core document in Okotoks’ sustainable development and regional environmental stewardship.
The Town of Okotoks Water Management Plan is updated annually.
Additional Water Management Reports
In April 2010, a report was prepared for Town Council by Worley Parsons Resources & Energy, discussing the current water challenges for the Town of Okotoks.
Water Challenges for the Town of Okotoks: The quest for supply security (5 MB) Adobe

Sheep River Valley Management Plan
Adopted in 2003, this plan provides a comprehensive direction for the protection, maintenance and rehabilitation of river valley lands in Okotoks, including escarpment hillsides and tributary ravines. Some key features within the Plan are:
  • Forest Management Guideline
  • Grassland Management Guideline
  • Fire Management Guideline
  • Weed Control Guideline
  • Wildlife and Fisheries Management