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2014 Operating Budget

The 2014 Operating Budget includes a 4.3% municipal tax rate increase. The owner of a typical home will pay approximately $79 per year ($6.58 per month) more in municipal taxes in 2014 based on the same property assessed values. The budget also includes an increase in the differential tax for non-residential properties from 33% to 38%.

Current service levels are maintained for 2014 despite the growth in service demands resulting from additional roads and pathways, new playfields and streetlights, increased use of recreation facilities, increased residential and commercial customers, along with extraordinary inflationary pressures in new facility operating costs, utilities and protective services. Current water and sewer rates will increase 3.5% on average and the storm sewer utility rate will increase to $11.31 bi-monthly.

Highlights of the operating budget include the following service enhancements:

  • Full year operation of the South Ridge Emergency Services facility to house RCMP and Municipal Enforcement and provide a base for Fire Services on the south side of the river
  • Enhanced Policing Services with RCMP at a full complement of 19 members, and an additional Officer for the Crime Reduction Unit (CRU) in April 2014
  • Enhanced recreational opportunities with the pre-opening of the Regional Indoor Field House in April 2014 and full opening anticipated in July 2014
  • Initial contribution to MD of Foothills with the opening of Scott Seaman Sports Rink to enhance recreational opportunities
  • Enhance Economic Development Services as recommended by Council
  • Additional Community Programs Centre in south Okotoks
  • Continued provision of wheelchair accessible transportation for seniors and persons with disabilities through the Town’s subsidized taxi transportation program
  • Expansion of the 230 litre ‘curb it’ cart option to address recycling capacity needs
  • New development providing a 10% growth in the number of trees, 1.8% growth in land and associated amenities, and 10% growth in manicured open spaces and play fields
  • Major operating projects total $5.583 million for lifecycle maintenance and infrastructure replacements, with the largest projects being 2013 flood remediation.

 The Town’s capital budget of $8.477 million provides for new infrastructure and facilities including upgrades to both the water and wastewater treatment plants and the Operations Centre, equipment and fleet replacements, Skateboard Park improvements, an additional outdoor rink, and community garden. The budget includes a $4,185,000 contribution to major capital reserves to save for future replacement needs; restoring contributions back to 2012 levels.

 Town of Okotoks 2014 Operating Budget (61 KB) Adobe

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