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Water Allocation System

On March 28, 2011, Council adopted the Water Allocation System for Planning Approvals Policy (Policy 11-02).  The Policy sets out the details on the requirements and direction of the allocation process and guides planning approvals.

On August 19, 2013, Council amended a number of clauses within the Policy based on a request from the Developer community and Town Administration’s review.   Please consult the Policy for more information on the allocation system and affected areas:

Active Applications & Approvals

The table below shows all current subdivision applications and subdivision approvals that are subject to the Water Allocation System: 

Name (File Number)


Air Ranch Phase 10 (D11-AR21)

Approved (Expires 28 November 2014)

Air Ranch Phase 11 (D11-AR22)

Approved (Expires 20 March 2015)

Drake Landing Phase 10 (D11-DL17)

Approved (Expires 17 April 2015)

Drake Landing Phase 11 (D11-DL18)

Approved (Expires 17 April 2015)

Drake Landing Phase 12 (D11-DL19)

Approved (Expires 17 April 2015)

Cimarron Phase 41 (D11-CI67)

Approved (Expires 19 June 2015)



5.52 Hectares

 Please Note: This information is current as of September 11, 2014.  The allocation system and available allocation numbers refer only to greenfield lands that are proposed for development within Okotoks. There is water available for all structures and registered lots, including new houses under construction. For questions regarding the current water allocation availability or the Water Allocation System, please call (403) 995-2759.