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2011 Water & Growth - Our Community's Future

2011 Water & Growth Speaking Series
We think it is important for all residents and businesses to be aware that Okotoks is facing a critical decision regarding water & growth. There are significant pressures to grow both in and around Okotoks' borders. We have adequate water to support Okotoks population growth for the next 2 years and are continuing to assertively seek additional sources to reach build-out population. Therefore, we believe it is important for our entire community to understand our water and growth issues. Town of Okotoks' citizens and businesses were engaged in a series of public symposiums to help educate us on our water & growth ssues to enable us to make an informed decision on viable options and next steps.

Okotoks Town Council planned a number of symposiums where water and growth experts were invited to Okotoks to share their knowledge on a variety of topics and perspectives relating to water and growth.  In order to make these presentations accessible to all residents, we had all the presentations videographed for future reference.

View the Water & Growth Presentations Online below:




Location of Presentation

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Dec 1, 2011 

David Baxter

Demographer, Economist and Senior Advisor with Urban Futures Institute and key contributor of the Managing Change int he Calgary Region 2008 report.

Rotary Performing
Arts Centre,
3 Elma St
Managing Change in the Calgary Region - and how it may affect Okotoks.
Video Presentation:
Oct 5, 2011

Dr. Brad Stelfox

Landscape Ecologist, ALCES Group Calgary

Rotary Performing
Arts Centre,
3 Elma St
Alberta Tomorrow land use planning simulator demo:  Progressive Approaches to Land Use Planning Re: Triple bottom line - people, planet, profit.
Video Presentation:
Sept 8, 2011

Susan Richstone

Comprehensive Planning Manager, City of Boulder, Colorado

Rotary Performing
Arts Centre,
3 Elma St
Boulder Finite Growth Model, Vision vs Reality, highlights of experience and lessons learned from the 1970's to present.
Video Presentations:
June 23, 2011
Eben Fodor, Urban Economist and author of Better Not Bigger
Taking Charge of Growth for Better Communities provides smart growth examples.

Foothills Centennial Centre

May 24, 2011

Jon Fennell, M.Sc., Ph.D., P.Geol.

This presentation was showcased at the recent Bow River Basin Council Science Forum at the University of Calgary in May 2011.

Council Chambers

May 19, 2011
Dr. Henry Vaux

Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy

Foothills Centennial Centre

Dr. Henry Vaux will be providing examples of solutions to water allocation challenges in North America. HIs presentation is titled Confronting Water Scarcity: Lessons From Another Planet.
Video Presentation:

April 25, 2011 

Mike Kelly
Project Manager for the Bow River Project
Bow River Basin Council

Regular Council Meeting, Municipal Centre Council Chambers

April 18, 2011
Colleen Shepard
CRP Executive Director

Calgary Regional Partnership

Special Council Meeting, Municipal Centre Council Chambers

April 13, 2011

R.W. Sandford

Chair of the Canadian Partnership Initiative of the United Nations International Water for Life Decade.

Foothills Centennial Centre

Our first speaker was Robert Sandford who is ahighly respected water expert and author of several books on water, including “Restoring the Flow.”
Video Presentation:


2012 Water & Growth Consultation

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